2010 Topps Series 2 is here (in my hands) and other odds and ends

21 07 2010

My first Series 2 Topps card from this year – Chris Young with a dinged lower right corner.  It seems fitting that it’s damaged, even though it should be the upper corner that’s got the nick.  It has to be frustrating to have this guy on the DL for so long and there’s no timetable for his return, either.  He’d be a big boost to the Padres playoff hopes if he can make a return by the end of the year.

I’ve opened about half of the first hobby box I ordered, and I’m still on the fence about the thing.  No “hit” yet, but it seems like my typical Topps experience.  I’ll have more if/when I ever get the thing finished.  One oddity I will report is the inclusion of a 37th pack.  It would be a secret weapon in Tete-a-Topps, the lesser known cousin of Gint-A-Cuffs.

And speaking of Ginter, the prices of hobby boxes are slowly beginning their fall once more.  The last time I mentioned a price, they ended up shooting back up as if sales skyrocketed on my buy recommendation, so I’m nervous to mention this again.  But I think things will finally settle into my range thanks to both the debut of retail and the wpreading word of mouth on the difficulty of pulling a Strasburg thanks to the 2010 Sports Card Bloggers Matholympics representative dayf.

I almost bought my second blaster of Allen & Ginter and my first rack pack (with a Joey Votto peaking through) the other day, but my son decided that he wanted a Toy Story card blaster box as well.  We had already told him that this trip to the store would not result in the purchase of things for him since his birthday is coming and he had just spent his allowance on a new garbage truck.  It seemed he was on the line between patient understanding and tearful blowout, so in a sign of solidarity I put my cards back as well and agreed to save my money with his so we could buy them together.  This worked wonders for him, but meant no cards for me, and I’m wondering if this was a good parenting move or unnecessary sacrifice.  I still have no idea.

And as proof that Allen & Ginter mania has slowed, no one’s bought any blasters from the shelf but me.  Or they bought so many of them that Target had to restock.

And finally, Topps base sets have started to ship, so beware of people claiming they have a Topps Million Card Giveaway of Stephen Strasburg for sale.

Here’s the card from the factory set, which recently sold for $31 on eBay.  Factory sets go for around $52, and a complete set (1-660) recently sold for $30 or so, so if you want to go through the hassle you can probably make about $10 for your trouble.  Probably not worth it.

And for comparison’s sake, here’s the Million Card Giveaway Strasburg.

Now it’s time for me to watch the Reds take on Mr. Hype until we leave for a miniature golf outing.  So far a Miguel Cairo walk accounts for the Reds offense, but it’s still early enough for them to figure it out.  Go Reds!




One response

22 07 2010

“I’m wondering if this was a good parenting move or unnecessary sacrifice.”

Dude, that’s not an “or”.

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