I made the Twitter!

24 12 2010

While tearing down the cobwebs and dusting off the boxes here at handcollated, inc., I noticed that my top referrer for the day was twitter.  ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘maybe someone tweeted about my triumphant return.  It’s nice to be missed.’

The truth was something much more awesome:

Here’s the post he was referring to.  The key bit:

By the way, Topps announced that 10% of the cards will feature Castro getting a pie in the face from Abraham Lincoln.  Good luck!

Roger seemed to take it in good fun and quickly moved on.

I’m in awe that someone thought this was real, but I think Topps missed out on a real opportunity here.

And obviously Topps and Roger Chen are the tweeters, the messages are tweets.  Does this make me a tweetee?




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