Thoughts on 2011 Bowman

8 01 2011

(I’ve been trying to write this for the past two days, but some work on my roof that “shouldn’t take more than a couple hours” according to my wife’s brother in law has consumed most of three days now.  At least the hard part of it is done, and hopefully so is the leak that I had near the sliding door.)

* Topps is putting a lot of faith in a guy that has yet to play a single minor league game to carry this stuff, aren’t they?  I know the hype is huge for Bryce Harper, but he’s still an 18 year old with no professional experience.  I can see the investors rushing to hit the autographed parallels, but I can’t see this year’s release living up to the mania that swept 2010.  Right?

*I like the return of Topps 100,.  I’m not one for collecting insert sets without a base set to go with them, but if I did, I’d consider these.  Finest Futures, Topps of the Class, and Bowman’s Brightest?  *yawn*  Insert sets for the sake of inserts sets are not exciting.  If you have nothing new to offer, then don’t bother.

*On to the base set…  it’s back in black and boring as heck.

Reminds me a lot of 2007 Topps, only rounder.  And even though I have a soft spot for 2007 as it marked my return to the baseball hobby, I don’t care much for the design.

*I missed to insert sets:  Bowman’s Best?  Okay.  I’ll take it.  I dabbled in the hockey set one year, and they looked nice enough, so I wouldn’t be disappointed with these as a 1 a pack parallel.  The actual one a pack parallel, however, looks to be the return of the International parallels, where they highlight where a player is from in the background.  These were awful in the 1999 boxes I opened.  Ugh.

*Aroldis Chapman and Yonder Alonso on the preliminary autograph checklist?  I couldn’t think of two better Reds prospects to try and drag me into it.  Maybe Devin Mesoraco.  If I cared at all about Bowman, I’d be all over this.  But I don’t.  So I won’t.

First let me say I am not the guy this stuff is marketed to.  I picked up a blaster last year, debated about selling it during the hype, then opened it anyway.  I probably won’t even do that this year, though May is a cruel month when it comes to the hobby, so who knows.



One response

8 01 2011

I’m not the target market for Bowman either. I buy singles of whoever I’m actually interested in, but I don’t think I’ve bought a box since 1991.

I think Topps knows that the people that do get excited about Bowman care more about the prospects than the card design… it would explain the lack of effort in that regard.

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