Repackaged Christmas cards

9 01 2011

Aside from my brother’s traditional box of treats (which is currently perched atop my scanner), I don’t usually get much in the way of cards for Christmas.  Since I’m a wax guy only, and there’s not usually much wax that I need at the end of December, it’s easier to ask for an eBay gift certificate rather than requesting some wax. This year I didn’t even score that, and I actually needed some things that were already out. Double loss.

I did, however, receive my very first Fairfield repack, one of those 10 packs for $10 ordeals that seem like a bad idea unless you get them for free. Since this meant that last criteria, I’ll take it. And rip it open. And then box the cards until I can get rid of them somehow.

I think I have a couple packs of Icons, but other than that I don’t think I’ve purchased a single pack of any of these. Here’s the breakdown of what I got:

2007 Topps Opening Day
2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects
2007 Upper Deck Series 2
2009 Upper Deck Godwin Champions
2009 Upper Deck SP
2009 Upper Deck X
2007 Fleer
2009 Upper Deck Icons
2007 Fleer Ultra
2008 Topps Opening Day

I’ve sorted the goodies, and I’m pleasantly surprised. My plan is to post them in reverse order of greatness, starting with pack #10 hopefully later on tonight.

Your goal is to name the best pack of the bunch in the comments below.  If I can, I’ll try to find something to reward your good guesses.  No guarantees, though.  I have a feeling no one will mistake what came in as pack #10 for greatness, so I’ll listen to guess until I post pack #9, which should be sometime tomorrow night. It’s not a contest, per se, but again, I’ll see if I can come up with something you might like for your guesses.

See ya (hopefully) later tonight.




7 responses

9 01 2011

The only pack there with anything of note possible to get has to be the 2009 UD Goodwin Champions pack, so I’ll go with that as the best pack.

9 01 2011

It’s been awhile since I busted one of these Fairfield repacks… like you said… it’s not really worth buying… but it’s fun to bust if they’re free. Look forward to seeing the top 10.

It’s hard not to agree with RoofGod. It has to be Goodwin… since that’s one of my favorite products from 2009. Those on-card autographs are awesome!

10 01 2011
William Noetling

Maybe the UD SP will be the winner…

10 01 2011

09 UD X is my guess, Good rippin’ – udeckcoll

12 01 2011
Andy @ Community Gum

There’s got to be a Longoria RC in that BDPP, right?

12 01 2011

Let’s see…I’ll say the UD X was the winner. Jersey card pack

14 01 2011
night owl

I’ll go out on a very dangerous limb and say ’07 Opening Day yielded something tremendous. I got nothing to lose.

And glad to see I’m not the only who thinks Fleer Ultra of the early aughts was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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