Fairfield Repack, Place the seventh: 2008 Topps Opening Day

21 01 2011

Sorry for the long down time folks.  Shortly after the last post, I started feeling a scratch in my throat, and even though I tried to convince myself otherwise, it was the beginning of the flu.  So for the past three days I’ve been in bed with a fever that went high than the number of dalmatians in a Disney movie.   Wednesday night I thought I’d conquered it, waking up in a pool of sweat as the fever broke, but those hopes evaporated and I was soon back in the triple digits.  Finally last night, my temperature hit the normal range and has stayed there since.

So to celebrate, I’ve decided to climb out of bed and post the seventh place pack from my Fairfield repack, 2008 Topps Opening Day.

Let me start by saying what I did when I opened this packs with my wife: “These are quite possibly some of the ugliest cards I’ve seen in my life.”  I say that owning most of a 1990 Topps set, too.  2008 Topps and it’s all white borders isn’t the best of designs to begin with, (and would thankfully be the last to feature an overly obtrusive border), but changing the color scheme to bright blood-red with gold lettering is quite a bit worse.

So why, would you ask, if I hate the look of these cards so much did I put them in at number seven?  Smart question.  And to be quite honest when I woke the morning after I had opened the packs and sorted them for this very countdown, I thought for certain these were in the tenth position.

Well, to be fair, the pack started off pretty strong with three horizontal cards in a row, one of the Mick.  I agree it’s time Topps retired the whole #7 bit, but it’s still a bit of a thrill to pull a Mantle out of a pack of cards.

And then arguably the best third baseman in the National League, Ryan Zimmerman.  Charlie Manuel was an idiot for not including him on the All Star roster last year.  Well, Zimmerman and Joey Votto, of course.  All the more reason I’m glad the Phillies got beat in the NLCS.  Hopefully Bruce Bochey has better taste.

In fact, the only real dud of the pack is this guy, one of the pieces the Orioles got for Miguel Tejada.

But now of this explains why I liked this pack enough to make it #7.

How about this?  Flapper cards rule.  It’s the one credit I can give to Opening Day baseball, even as it’s a cheap derivative of the base set – it usually had a kick ass insert.  Flapper cards.  Mascot tattoos.  Glow in the dark cards.  Even if it is Derek Jeter, this thing is awesome.  To bad it got lost in the easy to dismiss Opening Day releases.




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