Fairfield Repack, Sixth place: 2009 Upper Deck Icons

25 01 2011

I didn’t think much of Icons when it first hit the shelves in 2009.  I thought just as much when I opened this pack.  The look of these is radically different from the preview images that Upper Deck released when they first announced the Icons line was invading baseball as well.  Even though I was initially dismissive of the design they presented then, I think I prefer the one that never was to this incarnation.

So what was it about Icons that put it in sixth place?

Was it because of the hit of family reunions and 2011 Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez?  No.

How about former rookie of the year and 18 game winner Justin Verlander?  Better, but no.

2009 MVP winner and $184 million dollar earner Joe Mauer?  Better…

Mediocre left hander Scott Kazmir?  Wrong way.

Ah, Big Donkey!  There it is!

Enjoy him Chicago.  Should be a fun season for you guys.




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