Fairfield repack countdown: Pack 5

26 01 2011

See there how I added drama by taking the 5th place pack’s name out of the title? Pretty exciting stuff, isn’t it?

Let me start by saying that with four packs left, all four guesses for the best of the bunch are still active. I am pleased that it turned out this way, and I assure you that it wasn’t planned. 2007 Topps Opening Day really was one of my four favorite packs from the bunch. So kudos again to you Night Owl for the guess.

But here’s the outside looking in, the number five pack from that Fairfield repack box that I got for Christmas, 2007 Fleer.
I love the way these cards look and feel.  It made me flash back for a brief moment to the early 80’s sets that I loved as a kid, only with sharper and brighter photography.  Upper Deck did a relatively good job recreating that feel for Fleer, and I almost forgot they were behind the release in the first place.

I had forgotten all about Luis Castillo’s time with the Twins.  And how long he’s been in the major leagues.  Luckily for Mets’ fans he’s in the final year of his contract this year.

I recall Tom Gordon from my first collecting era.  Every time I heard he was still around when I came back, I just shrugged my shoulders and finished it was his last hurrah.  Looking at his numbers, I had no idea he was as good as he was for so long.  I wonder if I was confusing him with Oil Can Boyd?

Ian Snell turned his back on my fantasy team, so I’m showing the back of his card here.  My only complaints about 2007 Fleer come from the backs.  1) The oversized representation of the player’s number in the upper right corner is easy to confuse with the card number itself, barely noticeable above the players first name. and 2) the shiny silver foil like covering makes the stats difficult to read.  I also want to take a quarter to the back of the card and see if I’ve won something special.

A Matt Kemp Rookie Sensations insert.  Dodgers fans are excited that Kemp is no longer sexting Rihanna and are hopeful of a bounce-back year.  Sabreticians are more likely to point to his low contact rate and high strikeout rates as the cause, but who knows?

And finally, a crooked Chase Utley Year in Review.  Nice enough unless they are in every pack, in which case no thanks you.

Not pictured from the pack: Derek Lowe, Joaquin Arias, Jerry Owens, and Gustavo Chacin

Another set to add to the list of potential collectors, I suppose, though again, not likely to happen anytime soon.  Especially not with 2011 Topps only a week away.




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