Fourteen cards my mom threw away

28 01 2011

I realized this afternoon with about two-thirds of a 2010 Topps Series 2 hobby box left to open that the codes that were contained within it were about to become worthless.  I also realized that the stack of Million Card Codes I had from the other hobby box I had opened were about to become worthless as well.  So here we go.  Fourteen codes, fourteen cards.  And for all you West Coasters and insomniacs, I’ll update as I go.  Feel free to guess on my returns…

Card #1 =

A 1977 Jim Todd.  Not awful, I guess.  And I hope Topps’ disclaimer is correct about the appearance of the physical card differing from the image shown, because those are some rough edges.

Moving on

Card #2 =

Ooof.  Only 25 more years on his contract, Mets fans.  Take heart.

Card #3 =

Back on the right side of the 80’s, anyway.  That’s a good sign.  I’m sure kids would get excited to pull his cards until they realized he’s not Dale Murphy.

Card #4=

My favorite card of the bunch so far, a 1978 Rick Langford.  19 wins and 28 complete games in 1980.  No one suspected in 1978, though.

Card #5 = Woot!  A 1960 Russ Kemmerer!  I’ll unlock Washington pitchers all night long and not complain.  Especially if they are from the 50’s and 60’s.

Card #6 =

And we return to the late 70’s pitcher cards.  In fact, Bobby Bo is the only non pitcher I’ve unlocked so far tonight.

Card #7 = 1986 Topps Dennis Eckersley.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain about a Hall of Famer, right?  I could have done a whole lot worse…

Alright, I know I said I’d do fourteen, but it’s late for me and I’ve got a sick daughter to take care of tomorrow.  I’ll try and get to the other seven when she takes a nap tomorrow.




4 responses

28 01 2011

Topps is certainly dishing out the oldies right now… When is the deadline for this thing anyway? If they eat my Lemkes blood shall be shed.

28 01 2011

You have until March 1st to have them mailed to you, I believe. Feb 1st to have them redeemed.

28 01 2011

March 15th, rather. The rules are a bit obtuse.

28 01 2011

I sold my twelve on e-bay as a lot for about $25.

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