Fairfield Repack, Fourth place

29 01 2011

It’s getting late, but I was hoping to finish these up before the start of the 2011 card season, so I’m going to have to give you a somewhat sleep-addled post here.  So here’s the fourth place pack from the Fairfield Repack I recieved for Christmas, 2007 Topps Opening Day.

I have no reason to give you to justify this one other than I love the look of these cards.  No big stars, no coolio inserts.  I just think these borders are the awesome.

I mean, look how bright that Kinsler looks.  Sure I scanned it all crooked and off-center, but even that can’t detract from how nice it is.  So bright, so sunny.  So awesome.

Okay, not as awesome ’cause it’s not as bright, but still not the sucking dark void that was 2007 Topps.  I was so naive when I returned to the hobby and shunned Opening Day because that’s what all the cool kids were doing.   Peer pressure is so wrong.  Liking these feels so right.

I never cared muck for Jeff Kent, even if he does hold the record for home runs by a second baseman.  I’m not sure why, either.  But if you offered me him and Jose Vizcaino for Matt Williams, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  I’m not an idiot. Neither is Brain Sabean.

Maybe it’s just all the sunshiny cards I pulled from the pack.  Maybe I was just in a generous mood when I was ranking these.  Am I crazy to think these look that good?  Am I crazy to think these look the best of everything else I’ve pulled so far?

Probably.  I’ll admit if I had pulled six cards like this one, I’d have dropped this down quite a bit.  But I can’t ignore the power of those white borders.  I’m all superlatived out at this point, and I still have one more card to go.

Non Yankee Horizontal Mojo!!!1!

It’s amazing what a nice border can do to a below average set.  It can make it feel like something new.





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