The Final Fairfield Repack Post: First and Second place

31 01 2011

Alright kids, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the revelation of the best pack of the Fairfield repack I received for Christmas. You’ve either been waiting for the big reveal, or waiting for this to be over so you don’t have to read about it anymore. Either way, your time has come.

Here’s all you need to see from the 2nd place pack to know why it earned such a high honor:


I have no idea if there were any other cards in the pack.

Honestly, it’s a really nice design, and if it weren’t for all the short printed rookie shenanigans that goes on with the set, I’d seriously think about putting it together.

That means the top pack is the roofgod and sanjosefuji’s pick, 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin.

Barring those darn 20th anniversary cards from Upper Deck this was the worst card in the pack.  A Jacoby Ellsbury mini.  A fine card in its own right, but not as good as..

Brooks Robinson.  Even with the ugly Gold Glove logo in the upper right hand corner, it’s still looks great.  Here’s one of my favorite Sparky Anderson quotes regarding Brooks after the 1970 World Series:  “I’m beginning to see Brooks (Robinson) in my sleep. If I dropped a paper plate, he’d pick it up on one hop and throw me out at first.”

What could be better than Brooks?

Autographed Mike Parsons Surfer-jo!  Dude once surfed a 77 foot wave!  I had no idea who he was until I pulled the card!  But free auto from a repack!  Woot!

Man I wish that stuff were cheaper.  $80 still seems a bit high for Goodwin Champions to me, but they are some nice looking cards.  I’m willing to listen to arguments in favor of the higher price tag for it, though.

Oh, and roofgod and sanjosefuji, go ahead and ask for something for your reward.  I’ll do what I can.




2 responses

31 01 2011

I actually picked the pack because of the potential star power, didn’t even think about the possibility of a hit. Nice pull. Anything McGwire or Tiger related is fine with me for a boobie prize.

1 02 2011

I got a blaster box of the Goodwin at Target for half off, and got a game-used card of Jason Verlander as the high point. If you decide to do the set I will be happy to send you the base cards.

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