Five Reasons I think I’ll collect 2010 Topps U & H

2 02 2011

The last time I collected an Updates and Highlights set was in 2008, specifically for the Jay Bruce rookie card. It was less exciting then I thought it would be, to be honest, but I trudged through anyway and completed the set, and I hardly ever look at young Jay anymore. But to be honest, 2008 Topps was a pretty boring design, and close to 1000 of those cards over and over again can be kinda hard to take.

But after buying a four pack of 2010 Topps Update (they sure are trying to innovate in the retail field, no?), I came away wanting more of the set. Why? Well…

#1) The Reds, for one.  I know that’s Kevin Gregg, and that he doesn’t play for Cincinnati, but he does play for my fantasy team based around the Reds, so it counts.  Anyway, two of the baddest of the Reds, Johnny Gomes and Arthur Rhodes have card in the Update release.  And by bad I mean mohawk wearing, leather wallet carrying bad.  Not bad as in they need to get off the team.

Anyway, add to that a slew of Reds All Stars, and I should be pleased to open pack after pack of this stuff until I finish the set.

#2)  The price is low, and should be going lower.

All your Million Card Giveaway codes are now worthless.  That was, quite honestly, one of the only reasons for most people to keep buying Update and Highlights, so now that they have become the equivalent of the David Wright throwaway’s from years past, the price should go down further.

#3) I looked over the auto and jersey insert list, and it doesn’t look half bad.  Plus there’s quite a few Reds players involved this year, so that should add some thrill to the hunt, I suppose.  It’s a pretty lame reason when I could probably have the lot of them on eBay for a dollar a pop, but what’s the thrill in that, right?

#4) Besides, what else am I going to do, chase 2011?  Not when the seasonal everyone-wants-it-price-increase occurs.  I pledge to practice more patience this season when it comes to the newer stuff.  And outside of the base Topps set, it looks to be a pretty lean year once again for things that interest me.  That’s subject to change, mind you, especially if the budget allows.  But for now, I should have some extra cash to chase these sorts of sets.

#5)  I pulled all of these awesome horizontal cards from just four packs.  There has to be more of them out there, right?




One response

2 02 2011
Andy @ Community Gum

This is a decent set, but I was a big fan of the Topps flagship this year anyway. We’ve got lots of base dups from our case so send a list when you’re getting close!

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