That Diamond sparkle: 2011 Topps

2 02 2011

So the unannounced Topps variant this year is to add a sparkle to certain cards in this year’s release.  Diamond anniversary.  Diamond sparkle.  Very clever.

The first image I saw was of a Roy Halladay card with a sparkly ball.  Okay.  But looking through the Blowout Forum thread that Grand Cards started, (oops.  Started by sportscards1013  Grand Cards had the post in the thread that led to the links.)   it looks as if Topps has some questionable shine placement going on.

Alex Rios belt.

Kyle Drabek’s upper chest.

Ichiro’s wrist.

It seems like a stupid quibble, sure.  But a shiny Alex Rios’ belt?  Really?  Is that the kind of thing that’s going to drive us crazy throughout the collecting season?

These are all up with ridiculous BIN offers on eBay, by the way.  As everyone should know by now, please wait.  Don’t jump in because you crave these cards.  Prices will come down, much like prices on boxes and cases.  One poster on the forums claimed he got four of these Diamond Shine cards in one case.

I’ve been conditioned by now to shrug my shoulders and move on from something like this.  It’s become a (un)necessary evil in the hobby today.

*UPDATED*  It seems the Diamond Shine/Twinkle cards are actually case hits.




3 responses

2 02 2011
Grand Cards

I actually didn’t start the thread–I just have been helping to add info as I come across it. I appreciate the credit though!

3 02 2011

I don’t get these cards…I really don’t. I may look for the Chipper card, but I ain’t going ga-ga over these.

2 07 2012

lou gehrig #5b sp got the hope diamond variation /60 today i wont sell but need to know the value so i know if its worth grading if u can help id appriciate it thanx and keep collecting

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