It’s Platinum, baby!

9 02 2011

2010 Bowman Platinum, huh?  Never heard of it.

Seriously, when I purchased this blaster about two weeks ago I had read nothing about the product.  I had seen nothing on blogs about it.  I had read no checklists.  It was a set that I knew nothing about.

And that made it a really enjoyable break.

One of the things that wore me out near the end of my last blogging run was the massive amount of scans and info on new products that was out there.  With close to three hundred blogs at the time, it was very easy to succumb to information overload.  Previews made the cards seem familiar by the time you bought them, and the massive amounts of scans from other blogs made them boring by the time you got them unwrapped.

It’s a sentiment that I’ve seen echoed on countless blogs since the release on 2011 Topps:  by the time the cards actually get to you, they seem old hat.  The thrill is gone.

Not that there is much thrill in a 2010 Bowman Platinum base card.  Topps chose a shiny silver foil board to make it appear high-end but actually serves as a detriment since it sucks up most of the color, and makes the cards appear dull and drab in person.  I  dozed off twice just sorting through them.

And there’s way to much of that foil board, too.  It overpowers most of the players, causing them to appear smaller than they actually are.   Even Pablo Sandoval is having a hard time overcoming his shiny cardboard prison.  And most players are not of Kung Fu’s stature, either, so the effect on them is even worse.

It’s the same with the Platinum Prospect inserts, too.  The scan makes the orange appear bolder than it is in person.  And the design on these is very similar to the base cards, making it seem almost unnecessary to number it as a different set.  Topps should have numbered these 100-150, but then I guess they’d have to come up with a different insert to “entice” us to buy them.

And here’s the hit of the blaster, a card I love to look at for the shiny.  Barnese is a mid-level prospect in a make-or-break season for the Rays.  Even if he fails to make it big, it’s always nice to pull a hit from a blaster, especially when you aren’t guaranteed to get one.

Initially I wanted more of  these –  wait, let me correct that.  Initially I wanted to open more Bowman Platinum in hopes of another and better hit.  There’s some nice cards on the auto and relic checklist, and after an initial bout of luck I thought about pressing it some more.  Calmer heads and an empty wallet prevailed.

Empty wallets will probably prevail for another month or two, actually, putting most of my new collecting dreams on hold (donations of 2011 Topps are welcome).  I’m hoping to participate in the “get your trades in order” month that dayf has announced to finish up some sets.  It’s all about turning lemons into baseball cards.




2 responses

9 02 2011

You must’ve missed my middle-of-the-night review of Platinum.

I didn’t like it.

9 02 2011

I did read some reviews since I opened it (including yours), and in general opinion seems the same.

It felt like a low end release trying to be high end and it came out confused and blase.

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