A package of kindness

15 02 2011

As I mentioned, I’m on a pretty limited budget right now for card collecting. “How limited?” you may ask. So limited that I had to make a trip to the local big box store this weekend and I didn’t go near the card aisle. It got a casual glance as I passed by to checkout, the look when you see an old ex in public but don’t know what to say to them.

So instead I’ll be relying on the generosity of my readers for “packs” to open. While I’m happy to trade for cards that you need, some of you would rather just send me stuff with no need for a return other than my continued blogging.  Or so claims a note that reader Greg included with his package of 2010 Topps that I needed.  Notes like that are awesome, by the way, and always welcome whether accompanied by cards or not.

What made the package that Gary sent  better than any store-bought pack is that I needed them all! Perfect collation! Let’s see some of what he sent.

I debated whether I should start with the best or save it for last.  As you can see I chose to start off with a bang.  When I showed my 4 year old son this card, he quickly grabbed it from my hand to look at it closer, then tossed it back when he was done.  He agreed it was a cool card, but I’m not sure he appreciates the hobby fully quite yet.  Still, it’s a start, I suppose.

The Reds turned Chris Dickerson, a somewhat promising out fielder into Jim Edmonds, an aging and worn out veteran.  The Reds got 29 at bats from Edmonds until he pulled a muscle jogging out a home run.  Edmonds is now a Cardinal, and Dickerson is now the 4th outfielder for the Brewers.  The moral of the story?  Stay away from Jim Edmonds.

This year’s rent-a-shortstop for the Reds is Edgar Renteria, signed no doubt for his veteran presence and his big time World Series numbers.  He will be the 19th shortstop since Brandon Phillips took over second base for the Reds since 2006, although he penciled in as back up for the slick fielding Paul Janish.  I’m really hoping that Paul sticks this year, since watching Orlando Cabrera’s old body try to field was slightly depressing last season.  I don’t want to see that again this year with Edgar.

I’m not sure why I scanned Josh Willingham, but here he is.  It probably had something to do with the concentration on his face as he rounds third and heads for home.  Good hustle.

Poor Cliff Pennington.  What an awful card.  Pennington seems to be calling to his infield chums, “Hey guys, I found a glove that fits, can I play, too?”  But into every set some questionable calls must be made, and it seems Cliff is one victim in 2010 Topps.

Thanks for the cards, Gary.  It almost made me forget about the ol’ card aisle.



One response

16 02 2011

Hey, thanks for the mention! Hope you and your son enjoy’em for years to come.

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