How I learned to stop worrying and trade some cards

21 02 2011

So based on my last post, the general consensus is that I should get over it. Everyone (who responded) struggles to keep up with trading and real life, and no one really could suggest to me something that I do not already do. It’s the classic answer to doing anything in life – you just have to do it.  Stop worrying, and enjoy trading.

And so I did.

The silence you’ve heard in the last few days has been my attempts to catch up. Four packages are now ready to go and there’s another three or four people I have stuff pulled for.  My inbox has finally returned to a much more manageable size, and I can breathe easier when I open my account.  And now each time I open my mailbox, there’s the prospect of more new cards.

And speaking of new cards, I picked up a couple more packs of 2011 Topps.  I justified it by saving money on kitty litter at the store (a 25 lb was cheaper per pound then the 38 lb bin we normally buy, so I passed the savings onto me!). Nothing amazing in the packs, but I did like this one:
Ciriaco is a defensive wizard who is depicted here in a pose that is usually reserved for pitchers.  And this card helped me realize why I have a problem with this year’s Topps cards.  That border with the name on it takes up too much space.

Now, I like the border design itself.  It’s much better than last year’s offering, and only behind 2009’s design on my list since my return to collecting.  Even the foil doesn’t make me crazy like it has in year’s past.  But the border takes up almost 1/4 of the card on the horizontal designs and 1/5 of the card on the verticals if my measurements are correct.  While that may not seem a lot, we are talking about a 2 1/2 x 3/12 piece of cardboard.

Take a look again at Ciriaco again.  Wouldn’t that card look better if you knew who or what he was leaping over?  Is Ciriaco attempting to turn a double play, or leaping a barrel on his way to rescue the Princess from Donkey Kong?  We’ll never know, because that name banner is too darn large.

I would love to see 1981 Topps head shots with this design.  Maybe some creative cropping in series 2 would help.

Or maybe I’m just cranky from all that sorting.  But I can’t wait to see what I get back.




2 responses

21 02 2011

I’m going to write it off as cranky — the action shots in this year’s set are OUTSTANDING so far. Yes, the border gets in the way of this particular card, but if you want to complain about Topps, you need to pick your battles, and that isn’t it. If you want head shots, go to Heritage 😉

21 02 2011

I have nothing against the photos themselves, and I want to like the cards more because I love the design. But putting the two together leads to smaller players, which I think is the reason these make me feel underwhelmed.

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