One hundred and thirteen in a Million

22 02 2011

On the old Topps Million Card Giveaway site I’ve been frantically trying to trade my 2001 Topps Shawn Green card (among others) for cards that I may actually want.  Typically I walk the newer cards back a year until I get something that someone else may want and get a better offer on,  but this Shawn Green refuses to be dealt.  With time running out (cards must be shipped by the end of February), I gave up my quest and mae it even simple – trade him for a Cincinnati Red card from the years around it instead.

So I searched  for Reds left in the system (i.e. haven’t been shipped) from 1999 and 2000, and found some of the card allocations quite surprising:

Yes, that’s right.  There are 113 1999 Topps Chris Stynes available, but only 3 Brett Tomkos and 4 Dennys Reyes.  There’s either 100 more members in the Tomko and Reyes fanclubs, or Topps got a great deal on a bulk lot of Chris Stynes cards.  There’s still 98 2000 Mark Lewis cards available, but only 5 of Michael Tucker.  Need a 1999 Topps Paul Konerko?  There’s still 118 left for you to trade for.

My curiosity mixed with boredom, and I begun to search more ranges of years to see what the numbers would hold.  Need a Reds card from 1980-1985?  Believe it or not, the card most typically there in large numbers is the card from 1980.  249 1980 Hector Cruz cards still exist in the system.  That’s staggering to me.

Most cards from the 70s?  There’s still 50 or so left of most players, stars excepted, with the numbers dwindling as you go back in years.  But that 50 number stays strong at least through the mid 70s.  And somewhat surprising to me, there’s 68 1971 Lee Mays to be had if you so desire.  Or 71 cards of Gordy Coleman from 1967.  I went ahead and made offers of my Shawn Green for them.  I even added my 1990 Topps Bobby Bo, which Topps suggests is a bad move on my part:

I’m willing to take the loss on this one.

I’ve got little if anything to lose.   After all, I’m happy to trade stuff I know I’m not having shipped for whatever comes my way.  I only wish I could include a message to those holding out explaining my offer.

So before the Million card giveaway goes dark, it might be fun to see what your favorite team has to offer you.  Maybe you can land a card from the 70’s that no one wants for themselves.  Or you can take my 2001 Shawn Green.  Please.




3 responses

23 02 2011

You can have my 1980 Reds team photo if you want. It’s in a few trades right now but nothing i would actually get anyway. Offer any Tigers, and your shaun greene so i know it you.

23 02 2011

Unfortunately, I have no Tigers in my tank to offer you. Thanks, though.

26 02 2011

Why the hell does there seem to be run on the 2001 Ivan Rodrigues? I know there’s over 5000 of’em available. Is someone running a contest on some other site?

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