What I like, 2011 Topps edition

2 03 2011

I cannot believe that baseball season will be officially starting at the end of the month.  It’s like an early April Fools joke to imagine that the games start to count on March 31st this year.   Perhaps even more of a joke is that one of the opening games of the season features the tradition rich Washington Nationals at home, although I’m sure this was scheduled when everyone thought Stephen Strasburg could not be stopped.  Everyone but Tommy John.

The other opening game, of course, is at the haloed Yankee Stadium.  That, I guess, is to be expected, since everything MLB goes through the Bronx.  But now is the time for the perennial joke that twenty-eight teams start out with hopes of the Wold Series, and the Pirates and Royals will be playing, too.

But spring training games have already begun, and even though the sound of ball and bat has returned to the airwaves, I’m realizing that it won’t be until next week that I get to hear my first game.  So to tide me over until then, I’ve been leafing through my small pile of 2011 Topps every now and then and realizing I still haven’t posted my favorites.

Best card of the set, at least of the hundred or so cards that I have.  I never get tired of this image on a baseball card.  The angle, the perfect baseball moment, the expectation.  A thoroughly awesome shot.  I would not get bored with a whole set of cards featuring this image.  With different players, of course.

If that’s the best looking card, this one to me screams iconic to me for some reason.  It’s almost Allen and Ginterish on it’s face, and I love  the way the image and top border blend together, making it a part of the card and not just something to contain it.  The color is perfect, too.  It’s a beautiful card, even if it is of a lousy Dodger.

This card looks pretty nice, too.  Some of these Kimball minis have too much dead space on them, but on this one Aroldis really fills it out nicely.  Every time I look at this I’m thankful that Mr. 105 is on our side for a while.  I’m beginning to doubt the chants of “he’s still going to start” from the front office, especially since the Reds have seven or eight viable starters in spring training right now.  But that same front office brought us the division title in 2010, so why would I hate now?

Speaking of faith, I wish I had more in Votto’s ability to repeat as MVP, or at least put up similar numbers to last year.  While I still think he’ll be good, and I want to believe he’s the next Albert Puljos, but I’d like to see it one more year just to make sure.

I’ve a handful of these diamond parallel cards, and I’ll tell you they scan beautifully.  Looking at these cards in person, however, I have no idea why they are so popular.  They look very murky to me and there’s nothing done to try to offset the player from the background itself.  But man, that scan makes for a darn fine card.  The fact that it’s Joey Votto doesn’t hurt, either.

Oh, and did I mention I pulled one of these?  I’m realizing it must have come out of my blaster, which makes the whole trade-or-sell-the-Heyward-patch dilemma I posted earlier seem kinda silly.  I know a certain blogger who would like this, but it’s clearing $55 easy on eBay, and that’s a lot of money to put towards my future collecting goals.  It’s a true Cardboard Problem, no?

I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite of mine at this point, as it looks like Jeter developed some sort of shiny elbow tendonitis.  Fans of the Yankees have every right to be mad at Topps if he actually develops this disease some time in 2011.  When I heard Chris Carpenter injured his leg yesterday, I recalled his name being on the list.  Perhaps it’s the start of the Sparkle Curse?



One response

3 03 2011
Mike Von Krusze

You sure belittle the Yankees fans, but can’t wait to sell that Jeter!

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