Joy of a completed set, 2007 Topps edition

12 03 2011

Well, it’s a bit of a cheat since it’s only series one, but if they are going to release two series, then I’m going to celebrate each triumph individually.  So here’s to you, Jerry Narron.

I actually pulled one of these from a discounted blaster about a year ago, but it had significant chipping.  I’m not sure the odds of all of that – pulling the one card you need from a blaster, and then having that be the only card that was damaged, but I managed to beat those odds.  I guess I should have been pretty pleased, rather than sighing heavily and tossing it aside.

I remember there was great hope when Narron was hired to replace minor league manager extraordinaire Dave Miley, but then there usually is when a manager gets replaced.  Then again, the two managers that the Reds have had since Narron were met with mixed excitement and expectant failure on the part of the fans.  How much of came from the manager himself  and how much of it came from the team’s recent lack of success is debatable. But as Narron led the 2005 Reds to a .500 record in the 2nd half of the season, there was hope for great things.  2006 was an almost .500 season as well, with the Reds staying in the playoff conversation longer then expected.  Then 2007 came along.

Narron led the Reds to an abysmal 31-51.  In one game in June in Oakland, he pinch hit for Josh Hamilton with defensive specialist Juan Castro.

In the bottom of the ninth.

While down by two runs.


I think most of us fans knew that was the end for Mr. Narron, and after another nine games he was let go.

Most Reds fans do give Narron credit for helping Josh Hamilton’s return to baseball, mostly by reuniting him with his old coach and Narron’s brother Johnny.  Johnny’s task was to keep Josh on the straight and narrow, a job he maintains to this day.  It became evident when Jerry Narron was fired by the Reds that Josh would soon be gone, too.  In the offseason he was dealt to the Rangers for Edison Volquez.  Guess where Jerry is now?  In the Texas organization as a special consultant.  Go figure.

(UPDATED TO ADD: I missed the news that Narron had been signed as a bench coach by the Milwaukee Brewers, but Justin from Justin’s World did not.  Thanks!)

This, by the way, is still another of the cards from reader Doug.  He also sent me three of the four cards I needed for my series two set.  I’ll have those to show another time.




2 responses

14 03 2011

Actually, I believe that Jerry Narron is now with the Brewers, as a part of their new coaching staff. I believe he is the bench coach.

14 03 2011

I believe you are correct. I’ve updated the post.


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