Still ignoring 2011

18 03 2011

So this should be the last of the Doug trade I have to post. I’m realizing that since my focus has been on knocking these out, my long view of the hobby world has really shrunk. There’s a whole new release out there and I’ve been ignoring it completely. Sorry Opening Day.

I see also that Topps has gimmick paralleled the heck out of Topps Heritage. Blue tint, green tint, red tint, black borders – it’s a shame that a release that should be fairly pure when it comes to this sort of thing gets taken over by a desire to sell more cards.  I’m not sure I’ve touched more than a pack or two of Heritage cards in my day, preferring to spend that cash on originals when so inclined.

I’ve stated this before, but another reason I usually demur is that the cards in Heritage never feel right to me.   The images never really mimic the era they are supposed to be from, which jars me from the overall joy of the design factor.   I can either get a beauty of a Frank Robinson from the original, or look at Arron Harang as Herman Munster from this year’s release.  That’s not really a contest to me.

What does this have to do with the last of the cards Doug sent in our trade.  Absolutely nothing.  But if Heritage is around in 2058, I hope it can reproduce moments like these.

I love this card, and I don’t know why.  I assume it has something to do with the look on Eric Chavez’s face as he collides with Ian Kinsler (I think).  Chavez is currently in the hunt for a bench spot with the Yankees, which may be the best way for him to make it through a whole season without injury.

Now that Mr. Morales has announced that his name is actually “Kendrys,” does that make this an error card?

I refuse to mention his injury here, too.  It’s just too easy.  Another good looking horizontal batter swinging card.  I swear they should make a set.

Normally I scan cards when I have time and then jot in some notes if there’s something I want to talk about specifically with it and then try expound on it later.  Here’s the exact note I wrote for the card:  “Remember when this was cool and not a money grab by Topps.  Those were the days.”

I have nothing to add to that.

So I had this premise all set up with the Walmart dark cards that Doug sent.  It would show the cards that featured players with looks that could be interpreted as distress on their face as they ran from an unknown fear.  Then it would end with this card full of yelling an screaming.  I just didn’t have the cards to make up what would have been a most epic post, so instead it will live in my mind.  And now yours, if you so desire.

Finally, some 2010 Topps.  Drew Stubbs is something of a sleeper pick in fantasy baseball drafts, a guy who has shown a good mix of speed and power, while hitting (I think) in the .260 range near the end of last season.  Of course, that was when he was hitting low in the line-up, and this season he’s slated to lead off where he was pretty awful.  I certainly hope the hype is justified, but use some caution before you go crazy for Stubby, okay?

Remember when I said I could see a whole set featuring cards like this?  How could I not include it?

I am nos exceptionally close to the end of a number of sets that I have been toting across the country with me since I was a child.  That prospect excites me to no end, which means I’ve got to catch up on what’s already come in and get busy trading again.  One big stack down, four more to go.




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