Two random packs, 2011 Heritage edition

19 03 2011

Went to the local box to buy some supplies for an art project that the kids seemed eager to do , and I grabbed, as is my ritual, two packs of heritage which will sit in my trade box for all eternity. Every year I love the idea of Heritage and think that if I see the cards that my past dislikes will change. And every year I feel more confident on passing on the set for another twelve months.

Here’s the first card from the first pack, featuring World Series hero and new Reds backup shortstop Edgar Renteria.  Were I a Giants fan this would no doubt be one of my favorites of the bunch.  Only a Dodger fan could dislike this one.  Or maybe a fan of the Phillies.

And speaking of the Phillies, am I the only one that’s starting to hope they lose since everyone has crowned them as NL champs thanks to their pitching staff?  Are they going to become the Yankees of the NL?

The Renteria is a close second to this, the best card of the bunch and one of the best examples of why I don’t like Heritage.  I’m a Reds fan, I’m more than likely recognize Jay Bruce if I saw him on the street, and at first look I had no idea who this was.  Whatever Topps does to Heritage these things up doesn’t work very well.  But because the stuff sells like hotcakes anyway, there’s no need to change it.

Now for the worst of the bunch.  How many photos does Topps have of Verlander in the trees?  Too many that I’ve seen, and I feel like I’ve actually seen this very image before, but I cannot figure out where.

And was there really a ’62 Topps card featuring a player in a thicket of palm trees?  Could they not crop it closer, or find an open background?  Ugh.

And not to dogpile on the Tigers, but here is the back of their team card.  Can you read any of that?  Neither could I.  Since I’ve scanned it I can tell you in the left hand column is the pitchers from the 2010 Tigers and across the top are the baseball clubs they faced.  Where they intersect is that pitchers record, of course.

I understand these are to be true to 1962, but Topps should have rethought this one.

Here’s the only insert I pulled, and I actually like the look of this one.  Roberts is a guy I admit to knowing little about, but thanks to this card I know that he pitched a complete game 2-1 victory over the Yankees on August 26, 1962.  Wikipedia tells me he’s the only pitcher to defeat all three incarnations of the Braves (Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta).  Wikipedia wins.

I will say I enjoyed this year’s Heritage more than years past, but that’s probably due to the design itself rather than any changes Topps has made.  I may end up with a few more packs before all is said and done.  Feel free to request scans and/or trades of anything (players, teams) and I’ll oblige if I can.





7 responses

19 03 2011

I’m guessing the Verlander is probably some kind of studio shot superimposed into the background of trees.

21 03 2011

Verlander’s rookie card with Topps also features the same kind of trees in the background. I’m guessing this is left over from that.

19 03 2011
night owl

I think a Rangers fan might have a problem with the Renteria card, too.

21 03 2011

Them too. Not quite sure why I forgot about them.

20 03 2011

I’ve got about 540 of the ’62 Topps cards and I don’t remember seeing anyone with palm trees in the background like that.

Am I the only one who finds those TM and R markings next to the team names really annoying?

20 03 2011

HC..I trade ya for the Verlander and Tigers team card. I got a Joey Votto #398 Nat’l League Allstar and some other stuff..Reds stuff of course.

20 03 2011

The chrome cards are cool. I have always liked the serial numbering of the year they represent..1962 this year. Being born in 61 made me half think to collect a set of last year’s model. I got a few but i’m still thinking about that one.

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