I’m so far behind, I forgot a title…

23 03 2011

So the stacks have returned to my scanner.

This is both a good and a bad development.  Good in that it means cards to sort and checklists to condense.

Bad because I now have to decide between blogging and more trading.  And the package I’m about to feature came in trade for a card I have yet to send out yet.  I hate falling so far behind.

So Gary, your card is coming.   But here’s a recap of what you’ve already sent.

Gary sent some of card from my 08-09 OPC hockey set, one of my favorites at the time it was released.

Vyborny, I think, is a good analogy for Blue Jacket hockey in general.  Brought in with exciting promise.  Lower than expected returns.

The Blue Jackets have been around since the 2000 season and have made the playoffs once.  It may not be a surprise, then, that Columbus is struggling at near 80% attendance nowadays and losing money.  For a while they were in the midst of the playoff hunt this year, but have now fallen back by nine points with just ten games to play.  It doesn’t look like this is the year, either.

Vyborny now plays for a team in the Chezc Republic where he recently did something newsworthy.  Anyone care to translate?

The OPC base set is 500 cards that cannot be completed with two hobby boxes.  To make matters more difficult for the collector, they add another 100 cards that are short printed onto the end.  I think I’m actually closer to the end of those then I am to the actual set itself, so I guess I should not complain.  And while I’m not sad I missed last year’s somewhat ugly set, I really wish I could afford a box or two of this year’s release.  Or maybe three.

I love the look of the Wild’s home jerseys as modeled here by Derek Boogaard.  Gary also sent Derek’s 2010/11 victory card featuring Boogaard in a Rangers jersey, but I won’t hold that against him.  1.6 million a season just to fight.  Ugh.

Finally someone sends me a card from my 08/09 Upper Deck Masterpieces wantlist.  I believe this is only the second trade I’ve made involving this set since it came out.  Everyone fawns over the baseball release, but no one bought a case of its hockey counter part and has the last eight cards I need for the set?

Mr. MVP.  I absolutely love me some Votto cards, even the Toppstown ones.  I admire this one the same way Joey’s admiring the home run he just hit, and look forward to seeing it around forty times again this year.  The Joey stare, that is.  Not the card itself.

I am impressed that Topps put some effort into these Toppstown cards this year, and they remind me a lot of Upper Deck’s StarQuest inserts from their last couple of years in the hobby.  Still not the best of inserts, but better than the package filler than was past issues.

Same thing with Topps 60.  More effort here on design, but for most it’s still essentially a throw away insert.  But before you throw yours aside, why not check to see if I need it, throw it in an envelope, and mail it off you me instead?

As for Feliz, if you’ve got one of the best young closers in the American League, why would you think of trying to convert him to a starter when you’ve got other options available?  I’m not a close follower of the Rangers, so perhaps one of you could weigh in on if this is a good idea or not.  But I imagine it’s akin to the Chapman situation in Cincinnati.  They have plenty of starters for now, so why not give him more experience in the pen?

Also in the package was a majority of the Series 1 Reds cards, including the team photo and the last card of Aaron Harang as a Redleg.  Good game, guys.  You’ll get ’em this year.

And Gary, you’ll get your cards this year, too.  Hopefully I can get back to trading by the end of the week.




2 responses

24 03 2011

A love Legends Masterpieces. I wish UD would do another set like that, it’s one of my all-time favourites.

24 03 2011

You have a second package coming your way. Enjoy it! I think you’ll like this one better!

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