2011 Topps Heritage Rack Pack attack

29 03 2011

Something strange had been drawing me to Heritage this year, and I’m not sure why.  I’ve already bought more Heritage from this year than any other as I tossed a rack pack in my cart last weekend while doing some other shopping.

Luckily this past week or so has been too busy for me to focus much on cards and seems to have broken the spell that it held.  Not that I dislike the cards any more or less, but the desire to have the new has finally waned.  Strange, because this was actually a pretty good pack.
Now that is a good-looking Heritage card, and how they all should be done.  I almost could see this being in the 1962 set.  Examples like this where Topps does such a great job makes the rest of the cards that feel so photoshopped so frustrating to me.  If they all looked like this, I’d find a way to order three or four boxes of the stuff.  Even after the week away.

I thought Topps had used this photo in a number of places for Brandon, but when I double checked I could only find it in 2010 Ginter.

I’m a little worried about B-Phip this year, though.  Even though he still sniffed 20-20, he was caught stealing in almost half of those attempts.  A lot of his worth seems to still come from this excellent 2008 campaign, and while .275-18-16 is still good for a 2nd baseman, I’ve got my fingers crossed he does not regress further.

Nice to see the Tigers aren’t the only ones that Topps subjected to those trees.  And yes, I’m pretty sure those are the same ones that are on the Verlander card I posted previously.  Should be an interesting year for the Rays as they seem more likely to battle for third place rather than first.  Unless Damon and Ramirez got younger in the offseason, that is.

Ooooh, shiny Josh Hamilton.  Who does not like Chrome cards at this point?

I don’t need to make a Stranger Danger joke here, do I?

Finally, an SP of Kevin Gregg, who no doubt will end up being the last SP that someone needs for their set and they will wonder why he of all closers received that status.

This card is strangely blue in the background, so I’m not sure if it’s due to this being a blue-tinted SP of an SP, or if it’s just the natural background of the card.  I read recently on Crinkly Wrappers that the code on the back should be different, but haven’t had a chance to actually check it out.  To bad Olbermann’s going after the green tints instead.

Without that week break, I would have gone crazy on this stuff and probably had to pull my kids from day care to cover it.  Thank goodness I’ve been too busy to blink, let alone look at more cards until now.  Because that Ike Davis had me thinking more about buying my first box.




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