Turning Platinum into something worthwhile

3 04 2011

Reader Matt (and Matt, if you have a blog I’ll be happy to link it here) told me that he was actually trying to collect the Bowman Platinum set, including the Platinum Prospects insert set.  My blaster had a couple of cards that helped him out, and all I asked in return was a few Reds cards.  Our trade was completed in less time then it took me to write this post.

Here’s what he sent:The prize of the bunch is this Aroldis Chapman purple refractor.  Chappy hasn’t been needed so far this season, but he might be today as the Reds attempt to sweep the Brewers.  It would be a nice start to the season, sweeping the team that a lot of folks feel are going to win the NL Central.

And I type this, Phillips goes yard and it’s 6-2 Reds.  So maybe he won’t be needed today either.  He can just be shiny and purple for me, then.

Dunn is on fire for the White Sox so far and I still can’t believe this is his fourth team in the last three years (Reds, Diamondbacks, Nationals, White Sox).  I know it won’t last forever, but it’s fine to watch when he hits all the same.

That’s my first Topps Gallery card, by the way, and Upper Deck certainly did this better.

Also in the package was my first 2006 Topps card, also of Mr. Dunn.  It shares this gem on the back:  “As might be expected from a guy whose favorite cereal is Froot Loops, Adam is a clubhouse prankster.”  i was not aware that feeding my daughter Froot Loops could turn her into a prankster.  Thanks for the education, Topps.  I guess it’s back to Kashi Honey Toasted Oats for you, little one.

Not a bad little package for a couple of cards I didn’t really want to have around.  I’ll smile more at Purple Chapman then a Platinum Jeter any day.



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