Where beer does flow, and men chunder

10 04 2011

I wanted a title that made reference to RGB Cards‘ location without being to obvious.  I’m now concerned that I went too obscure, but this line has always stood out to me from possibly the most famous song about the land down under that RGB calls home.

Writing those two lines got be distracted for the last half hour or so remembering other Australian bands. Midnight Oil came to mind next, along with You Am I, whose song Berlin Chair absolutely rules.  I quizzed myself on other bands from Australia, and came up remarkably short.  I missed a number of obvious ones (ACDC, INXS, The Church),  miscredited England as the home for others (Nick Cave, the Go-Betweens), and gave too much credit for The Bats (New Zealand).  I purposefully forgot Silverchair.  Man, were they awful.

What was not awful was trading with Jonathan.  Things went pretty smoothly, even with my inability to offer timely replies to some of his emails.  He’s already received his package of goodness, and mine escaped the floods and arrived last week, I believe.  I’m slowly catching up.
Jonathan had a number of these History of the Game cards I’ve been collecting, including this one featuring the first Televised World Series Championship.  3.9 million people tuned in to the 1947 broadcast between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees.  To put that in perspective, 3.9 million people watched the season 2 premiere of “Swamp People” on the History Channel back in February (I was not one of them).  It’s the same number of people who watched the Soul Train Awards in 2010 (again, not one of them), and is the estimated population of Puerto Rico as well.

I really like the look of this card of Hornsby, but it doesn’t fit in with the 1982 set for one reason – it’s too clean.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great looking card.  But a cardboard version of this would be so much better.  Jonathan sent over a handful of these, but I still need more.

Two down, four more to go.  Kerhsaw is a beast and should continue to be so for a long time, maybe even until 2020-  hey,  I see what Topps was doing with this set now…

Still like this set, even after the novelty has worn off.  Sometimes I find myself bored with the older inserts I decided to collect.

Like these, I think.  Jonathan also had some 2009 inserts that I needed including this Roberto Clemente from the Legends of the Game insert set.  I had known about Clemente’s tragic death, but I did not know that Manny Sanguillen did not attend the funeral, choosing instead to dive in the waters where the crash occurred to try to find his body.  That’s a dedicated friend right there.


Finally, I think the last four trades that I worked out featured this card and I never marked it off.  So just so everyone knows, I now have AJ Pierzynski’s 2010 Topps card.  And does he really need those sunglasses in the shade?

I watched Felipe Lopez’ home run and bat throw earlier today, and while I understand Pierzynski’s concern at someone throwing their bat towards their pitcher, I also can’t see how Lopez does this on purpose.  A couple of words probably would have sufficed, but AJ seemed to spend a lot of time talking with Felipe about it.  I’m sure Lopez will take one in the back if he plays today.

Thank to Jonathan for an easy trade and a quick refresher in the Australian music scene.




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10 04 2011

Too obscure? I think not.

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