Hockey playoffs, Rd 1

12 04 2011

You know how when you are a kid you try to force omens.  You say things like, “If I make this basket, then we’re having pizza for dinner,” or, “If I can skip this rock three times, we’re having pizza for dinner.”  And then if you failed, the gods were always lenient enough to give you a second and even a third chance until you got it right and your way was won.

I kinda did that last night.  I looked at one of the few unopened packs of 2009-10 Upper Deck Series 1 hockey I had left in the box and thought, “If I open this and pull a Ranger, they’ll beat the Capitals in the playoffs.”  And then that guy you see above appeared magically from the pack.

Hopefully Chris Drury will appear on the ice as well, along with Marian Gaborik who’s been something of a disappointment this year.  Lundqvist should be the better goalie, and the homer in me is going to pick the Rangers in 6.  If I’m right, I’m a genius.  If I’m wrong, then it’s the fan in me to blame.

Besides, that Drury card wouldn’t lie, would it?

Other predictions:  Flyers over Sabres in six, Canadians over Bruins in six, Lightning over Penguins in six.  In the West, Canucks over Blackhawks in five, Sharks over Kings in six, Red Wings over Coyotes in five, and the Predators over the Ducks in seven.

I’ll be pleased if I get half of those right.




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