A random Jay Bruce card

15 04 2011

I’ve taken the next few days off of work, and now that I realize I have nothing to do for the next few days, my brain has shut off.  I’ve got stuff to post about, but I just can’t wrap my head around what to say.  Part of that is exacerbated by a sore lower back that the chiropractor can’t seem to pop.  But part of it is simply ten days of vacation.

So here’s a random Jay Bruce card I’ve had scanned for a while.  Here’s hoping that the Pirates can cure what’s ailed him so far this season.  .220 and two extra base hits aren’t exactly what Reds fans were expecting after last year’s numbers and a six-year contract in the off-season.  I believe he and shortstop Paul Janish are the only Reds starters yet to hit a home run, and that’s expected from Paulie J.

The plan is to take the weekend off, and then hit your wantlists starting on Monday.  If you want to claim dibs, do so in the comments.  Otherwise, I’m going to start picking blogs from the Sports Card Blogroll at random and take it from there.

Have a good weekend.  Go Reds!




One response

29 04 2011

Hello there…I’m interested. Let me know what I can send along. I’m happy to expand any deal, too. Thanks!

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