Birthday Value box

18 04 2011

So I bought me one of those value packs that Topps and Target have teamed up for – five 2011 series 1 packs, two 2011 Topps heritage packs, two code cards, a special chrome refractor card or either the Mick, Jackie Robinson, or Babe Ruth (stupid Yankee bias), and what they call a collector’s guide.  It’s as if Topps knew it was my birthday.

First, though, that “collector’s guide” is so important that I’ve already lost it.  It’s like the sixty years of Topps inserts in a booklet form featuring what I believe is the actual write-up from the back of that card.  It does not sync with the 60 Years of Topps insert set that is in series one, but may be a precursor to what comes in series two.  Or the update set, even.   What do I know?  I’m not a fortune-teller.

Also in the book is a schedule for all the major league teams.  That’s handy, I suppose.  I’ll have to try and find it again, but if someone else wants it, I’m all ears.

On to the refractor.   I was hoping for a Jackie refractor, but ended up with this instead:

I’m not sure who that is as I can’t quite make out the name on the bottom.  It’s for trade if anyone wants it.  I’d be ambivalent about it myself, but even that seems like too much effort.  I guess I’m a little burned out on refracting of the legends.  Find something new Topps.  Please.

Oh, and while I’m making requests, Topps, can you please not use any sort of glue or paste to hold cards onto packs?  That refractor and the two code cards came sealed in plastic which was then glued to the front of two packs of cards.  It was a recipe for damage and disaster, but I managed to avoid most of that.  Please, please, please, do not do this again.

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff.  First, from the heritage packs we have:

Yonder Alonso rookie!  This guy may play out yonder in left field for the Reds in the years to come if he can get his defense in order.  As you can see on the card, Alonso is a first baseman, but he’s currently blocked by some guy who won an MVP last year, so it’s not likely that guy will be moving anytime soon.  Yonder is off to a slow start in AAA Louisville this year, but I think he’ll turn out okay.  If not in LF, then in another team’s uniform.  Either way, he should prove useful to the Reds sometime next year.

Ah, there’s the Jackie I was hoping for.  Just in a different form.  1:50 packs says the BaseballCardPedia folks, and they’ve never lied to me before.  The back is a little disappointing, featuring four lines of text and a huge empty space where they could have written a little more about his exploits, but again, it’s 1:50.  I shouldn’t be complaining, right?

I also pulled my second short print, which just happens to be my second Kevin Gregg.  Anyone need one for their set?

To the 2011 Topps base packs we go, and we have this trio of Reds.   I was going to put the Alonso shiny card first, but there’s that MVP guy getting in the way again.   Cueto’s on the DL with a sore arm, but pitched well in his first rehab outing the other day and should be back soon.  The same goes for Homer Bailey, and the Reds seem to have a problem that almost any GM would want – what to do with all their pitchers.  Sam LeCure has done well so far filling in, but he seems to be out once those two are ready.  That leaves one of Mike Leake, Bronson Arroyo, Edison Volquez, and Travis Wood as odd man out.  I’m guessing it’s Leake, but again, I’m not a psychic.  The fact that he just got arrested for shoplifting isn’t going to help his cause, though.

Since I have to pull a ToppsTown card in every pack, I’m glad to see Joey’s face on one of them.  Two shinys in five packs in a pretty good ratio, too.

I’m getting over my initial aversion to the shinys as I see more of them.  I especially like the black blob in the background of the Garcia card that is an unknown base runner.

I also pulled a gold parallel leader card with Mr. Votto, giving him three appearances in the box, tying him for the lead with Neil Walker.  Pulled two of his base cards from the base set, and his card from heritage.  Go figure.  I think the Votto Gold leader card is a duplicate, but then he was among the leaders from a lot of stuff last year, so maybe not.  I’m quite proud of him in case you couldn’t tell.

One last card, then I’ve got to run to the store and start some dinner.

A beautiful card.  It made me flash back to the Manny-airbrushed-as-a-Dodger-but-still-hitting-at-Fenway card from a few years back, but this one is the real thing, and my favorite of the bunch.  Well, of the base cards, anyway.

So there’s that.  I should update wantlists shortly, and the trading I hoped to get started today was hijacked by a broken faucet in the bathtub and some other cards I have yet to sort through.  I should have all that done by tomorrow, and it’s a pleasant predicament to be in, right?  The too many cards and not enough time bit.  The bathtub faucet thing is bad news all around.




3 responses

18 04 2011
BA Benny

Some great stuff. I would surely like the refractor even though It’s hard to read the name. I can hit several cards from your 2011 Topps needs. Let me know.

19 04 2011
night owl

Wish I had a Reds short-print to trade for that Jackie, but they’re not exactly doing Big Klu insert retrospectives now are they?

19 04 2011
Mike Von Krusze

I’m interested in your Mantle card. I’ll send you some cards from your cheklists. Let me know in return if your interested. Don’t send the cards back as I don’t collect Reds any way. I enjoy trading with you.

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