2011-12 Victory Hockey: The return of MVP

20 04 2011

Time was Upper Deck had a number of low-end hockey releases on their calender.  Well, two of them, but that’s a number, right?

Victory and MVP both came out early in the release cycle, if I recall, and before Upper Deck decided to short print rookies in MVP, it was an affordable set that I would usually put together.  I would pass on Victory because MVP seemed like the nicer set to me, and there was always the shot of pulling a game used card, no matter how long those odds were.  I never hit one, in case you were curious.

I was surprised to see that MVP lasted all they way to 2009-10.  It’s been dead to me for years due to that whole short print thing.  Last year, Upper Deck did not release an MVP set, and this year it returns (sort of) as an insert to 2011-12 Victory

It’s a pretty typical MVP design, and these come 1:2 packs, with MVP rookies falling at a 1:18 clip.  No word on how the set itself breaks down, though.

On to the Victory cards, here’s an image that Upper Deck chose to show off the base card design:

Nice, huh?  I’m not sure what that says about your confidence in design if you can’t included a simple base card on your sell sheet.  Especially when the whole point of the set is a low-end release that can be easily built through wax.  It’s a 250 card set, featuring 200 base cards and 50 rookies, which were inserted 1:2 last year and I believe 1:4 the year before that. There’s no information on insert ratio for rookies on the sell sheet.

Upper Deck did include an image of the black parallels, which fall 1:720 packs:

So if you pick up twenty boxes of the stuff, you might hit one of those.

This is a set that I think of chasing with my son every year, but he never seems interested.  This may change by August, when Victory is released, for reasons I’ll explain in a future post.  If he’s not interested, then neither am I at this point.

(And in case it’s not clear, I find it quite stupid that Upper Deck failed to included a Victory base card image on the sell sheet.  Did that come across at all?)




One response

14 03 2012
Roland Hewitt

Hi. are the mvp true RC or insurt cards

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