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29 04 2011

I’m finally organized enough to start going through the Sports Card Blogroll and try to solicit some trades once more.  And here’s how easy the first one was.  I clicked on the link to 26¢ Summer, found his wantlists, made an offer, suggested what he could send me, and four days later I had some cards that I needed in my hands and he had the same.  It’s the ideal of how a trade should work.   Now if I can just figure out how to get added to his blogroll…

Most of what I received was from this year’s Topps set, with a couple of exceptions.  It should be a nice change from all the 80’s stuff I’ve had the past few weeks.  There’s more of that to come.

I remember a time last season when Adam Dunn insisted he did not want to DH for an American League team, despite defensive metrics suggesting that is the position he is best suited for.  The general feeling is that sitting on the bench and only being asked to hit ever eight players is akin to pinch-hitting – your head does not stay in the game and it’s hard to regain your focus.  Dunn’s reputation is such that he doesn’t have his head in the game all the time anyway, so I guess it should come as no surprise that the hard-hitting Big Donkey has now hit upon hard times.  No word on when and if the White Sox will move him to the field to try to jump-start his season.

This card is almost like a hockey goalie card, and that’s pretty awesome.  Buck no longer uses that mask because he’s now in Florida, which is too bad ’cause that one seriously kicks ass.  Buck is another player who’s batting ability has suffered from a league change, but he’s doing great things with the Marlins staff, so I’m sure Florida is happy with that.  He’ll come around, too.  Don’t put any money on it and blame me if he doesn’t, though.  I’m not a bookie.  It’s just a hunch.

I still can’t decide if I’m going to build this parallel set or not.  When I see one for trade, though, I try to offer something up for it, so I guess that means that I am.  It’s my thirteenth of the set, I believe, so I’ve still got a long way to go.  I won’t be focusing on this thing at all, but if we work out a trade and you want to throw a couple in the envelope for me, I’m not going to say no.  But a list right now would just be silly.

Same with this set and the 60 Years of Topps stuff.  I’m not actively collecting these, but I’ll pick them up as I see them.  I’m actually a third of the way through this one, but I couldn’t tell that without finding a checklist for them because Topps chose to number these with letters (this is DD-TR, for example).  I hate sets like this for exactly that reason.

I realize we these cards are supposed to be comparisons of players skills on the field, but are there any that feature two players that are more different off the field than Frank Thomas and Manny Ramirez?  I’m very glad that Manny never donned a jersey for my team.  My dislike for him is still pure.

These I do have a wantlist for, and I’m slowly winnowing it down.  My scanner always picks interesting ways to crop these, too, as this one isn’t as badly off-center as the scan would lead you to believe.  Choo is a guy I’ve always wanted for my fantasy team but could never work out a deal for.  And now that the whole Korean army conscription thing is behind him, he should be a 20-20 guy for years to come.  Those Indians should be an exciting team to watch in the next few –  what?  First place so far this year?  You’re kidding, right?  Ha ha, right?  Next thing you know you’ll tell me the Royals are in second place.  They are?  Oh wow.  I think I need a break for a minute.

That’s better.  One of my new favorites of the Vintage Legend insert set, the Big Train Walter Johnson on a ’51 Topps Play Ball design.  Of course he’s on the strike card, though Topps should have put him on the “put that bat back down, you’re just going to strikeout anyway” card.  Probably too wordy.   Two things would make this better than it already is.  1)  Johnson should be in black and white, just like the originals and 2) Topps should have made this in mini form, just like the originals.  I don’t care if it wouldn’t sort with the rest of the cards in the set.  It would be awesome.

I have no idea why these weren’t more popular than they were.  I know people frowned on the ’90 Topps Honus Wagner, but you have to admit this one’s pretty sweet.

And finally, we go all the way back to 2009 for a Turkey Red Markakis.  Topps really drove this design into the ground, didn’t they?  How many years before we see it again?  I’m guessing 2013.

Anyway, thanks to Matt for the cards.  I appreciate the trade and the easy start to my attempts to get trading once more.




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29 04 2011

Ye ask and ye shall receive. Added to the blogroll at 26 Cent Summer. Thanks for the trade.

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