May is for comments…

2 05 2011

I’ve decided in my only personal neck of the woods that May shall be Make More Comments month.  I’ve been wandering the sports card blog forest for over three years now, and I can admit to being very lax when it comes to sharing comment-y goodness with my fellow bloggers.

I wish I had a good reason for this, but it’s really just something that I never took the initiative to do.  I’ve realized the whole process doesn’t take more than two minutes, and if other bloggers are like me it probably makes them fairly happy to see a new comment on a post.  I know that JayBee does, anyway.  A comment to me proves reassuring that there are people who are actually reading my blog, and that all thos site hits aren’t simply a spambot trolling for links.

While this may sound like some sort of karmic effort, I assure you that I’m not looking for anything in return.  I’m not going to turn down any comments, of course, but this is an effort solely designed to let other card bloggers know that I’m for real, and I’m reading their posts.

So, since completely arbitrary calendar events are good reasons to do something new, starting in May I’m going to take those two extra minutes to try to leave behind more comments.  To be honest, I think I’ve left more comments on blogs in the last few days than I have my entire existence here at Hand Collated.  It’s actually been quite fun.

And feel free to make May a Make More Comments month for yourself, too.




7 responses

2 05 2011
Devon & His 1982 Topps blog

One thing I like about gettin’ comments is that it means I wrote something that someone else thought enough about, to actually want to say something about it.

One thing I like about other commenters, is that I like to discover new sites by following the links by commenters. That’s how I found this place… you left a comment at Night Owl’s blog.

2 05 2011
Nachos Grande

Good idea. I try to make comments but the reality is that there are wayyyyy more blogs that I read than that I actually comment on. In fact, I’ve got four or five blots open in different tabs right now – and chances are I normally wouldn’t have commented on maybe more than one of them. However, taking a cue from you, I’ll comment on all of ’em.

2 05 2011
Play at the Plate

I’ve never tried to do a whole month, but some days I’ll try to comment on every blog I follow. It’s tough but worth it.

2 05 2011
BA Benny

Sounds like a great initiative (did I spell that right?) and I will too tray to do better at leaving comments.

3 05 2011

Every month is comments month! Im in!

3 05 2011
night owl

I honestly don’t understand bloggers who NEVER comment on other card blogs (they’re out there). It’s not like it’s a chore. I enjoy commenting on other blogs. It’s natural. I don’t even have to think about it. I don’t understnd why others don’t think that way.

Occasionally, it becomes a chore, and I don’t have time to comment on every blog I read (there’s like 250 of them out there), but commenting on 4 or 5 blogs a day is not that difficult.

Nice work.

3 05 2011
Collective Troll

Good luck!! Its a great idea… I try and resolve to comment more, but it never lasts for more than a few days… I wish I had the attention span to do it for a month… Hell, I can’t even reply to emails, ha!

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