One tough sweep

15 05 2011

It’s on topic, it’s trendy, it’s the perfect card for today’s game.

Bruce’s double off Trevor Miller in the 8th would prove to be a game winner after Aroldis Chapman walked four batters (with a fly out in there somewhere) to start off the ninth and the rest of the pen struggled to get the final two outs.  I was all but certain that when I was done putting the kids down for naps that the final would read St. Louis 10, Cincinnati 9.

Instead, Cordero struck out Lance Berkman to end the game, and the Reds hang on to win.  And Berkman had some wild adventures out in RF apparently.  A Scott Rolen triple?  I could tell just reading that that ball was hit to Lance.  And it was!

Hopefully this isn’t bizzaro 2010, where the Reds reel and the Cardinals cruise back into first place in the next few days.  Time to beat those Cubbies, too.




One response

16 05 2011

That 9th inning definitely had me scared…

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