One more for the Gypsies

16 05 2011

Yes, I bought a second blaster, and yes, I found this one more entertaining for some reason, even though the hits were nowhere near as good. I’m thinking that blasters are definitely the way to go for now unless prices start to fall below the $100 mark. I just need to start preordering the stuff I want when it comes out so I don’t get caught up in the rush when things are released.

This card makes me want to buy an Emerson TV and watch it while polishing my boots with Esquire boot polish, the best-selling boot polish in America in the 50’s and 60’s.

My base cards were actually pretty boring this time around.  Nothing that stood out as amazing, but nothing that made me disappointed to open a pack.  It was a good group of solid cards.  This time around there were no relics or autographs to cloud my judgment, which I think honestly worked in the GQ’s favor here.  I can tell I’m going to be chasing this set, too.

When I saw this, it took me a minute or two to go, “Oh yeah, Cy Young.”  I am not sure why.  Minis from this box were pretty pedestrian, unlike the last one, and my Red Gypsy backed mini was of Jason Bartlett of the Padres.  I’m pretty sure we are in a season where Topps could not include any Padres hitters and no one would mind.  I guess Maybin would be okay.

Bartlett’s second on the team with a .254 batting average.  The team as a whole is hitting .235, better only than the lowly Pirates and the even lower Nationals.  That’s just ugly.  Only a Robin Yount and Mr. Young above saved the minis from being a total disaster this go round.

I should be excited by this?  Perhaps the only dud of the set, the History of Topps inserts of the Gypsy Queen set.  I understand they exist, but I’m be much happier not pulling one at all.  Is someone going for a master set of this stuff?

This is the first one of these I’ve pulled that actually has the player over the wall.  The three others all have the player running and leaping close to the wall, but only this Hunter so far has him actually climbing the wall to take away a home run.  I wished they all looked like this one.  As I said before, I really like the insert sets from this stuff.

Tom Seaver threw the ball so fast, not even an artist can paint in standing still.  Of course Seaver was mostly known as a Met, but those of us from the Midwest remember the time he pitched for a certain club from Cincinnati that I can’t seem to stop mentioning.  It’d be nice to see him in one of these sets in the white and red if it hasn’t happened already.

This card looks awesome in person.  I saw someone else who had pulled this card, too, so bloggers account for 2 of the 999 out there.  If I had the finances, I would chase this set much as Joe Collector chases, well, every parallel from UD Masterpieces.  At this point, however, I’m at a place where I figure I should put everything down on my wantlists and hope for the best.  I’ll hopefully get a chance to update them in the next few days.

One last base card, this time of Frank Robinson.  I really like this card, and I’m pretty sure it’s the one that pushed me off the edge and into collect mode for this set. If I’ve done this math right, I’m getting about 30 cards a blaster, which means I’m already 1/6 of the way to a complete set.  Hooray!

Again, I’ll be working out wantlists and the like in the days to come.  Hopefully it’s reasonable to chase all that I want to chase so far this year.  If not, I guess I’ll have a lot more to trade.



One response

16 05 2011
Ryan G

Actually, I am one of the fools putting together the Gypsy Queen insert set. Go figure. I have a ton of base cards listed on my site for trade if you want to take a gander?

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