40% off blasters for you?

17 05 2011

One of my local box store has some 40% off blasters – three of the OPC baseball, two 2009 Artifacts, and one of2008 X.   I’m not planning to buy them for myself, but I thought I’d offer them up to readers if they want to enjoy the saving.  Of course, once you factor shipping costs it may not be worth it, but I think you’d still end up under $20 overall.  Sticker price is $12 plus tax.

I suppose I could buy them up and rip them as a cheap and impromptu group break if there’s enough interest in that, too.  I think it’d end up being around four bucks a team, but I have no idea what that would bring to you in return.

If you are interested in any of these outcomes get in touch with a comment or by email and I will do what I can.




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