Choices from the monopoly

18 05 2011

No interest in anything having to do with those blasters, huh?  I felt the same way.  Good deal if it was something I actually wanted.  Bad deal since it’s nothing I need.  And I’ve got plenty of cards I no longer need.  I’ll have more once I track down those new Bowman blasters and try and bust some Harpers.

It’s actually played a role as to what I’ll continue to collect.  I’m interested in collecting more that just the basic Topps set, but I’m starting to run out of room.  I’ve thought about collecting Reds, too, but do I really need a bunch of 1996 Jeff Branson or Chad Mottola cards in my house?  Probably not, especially since I wasn’t that into the Reds when those guys were around.

While I may be running into storage limitations, I’ve still got a little bit of space left.  Reader Mike is happy to help me fill some of that space with my current wantlists and random Reds cards that I’ve asked for.  I’ll figure out what I’m going to collect in a minute.  Right now I’ve got some new additions…

Has there been a bigger disappointment this year than Crawford in Boston?  He’s slowly starting to heat up, but he’s nowhere near what he was signed to do.  By the end of the season order will have been restored to the AL East.  Until then, it’s Crawford’s old team that sits in first place, and his new team struggling to keep up.

This card is a beauty, by the way.  Crawford looks awesome in that teal of Tampa Bay, especially against the scoreboard in the background.  And that yellow star is so bold, I thought this was a twinkle card at first.

Kevin Gregg drives me crazy.  In my keeper league he’s my only fantasy closer, but he’s just to inconsistent to be worth anything.  He’s already blown three of his ten save opportunities this year, but I keep running him out there hoping that any damage that he does (like the loss to the Red Sox a few nights ago) can be mitigated by my other relievers and starters.  My whole bullpen struggled last night, though, and so did most of my starters, leaving me in a tough spot for the rest of the week.

If he’s not a closer he loses all value and I can safely drop him.  But as long as Baltimore shows some sort of faith in him, I’ve really got no choice but to enjoy it when he’s good and accept it when he’s bad.

I love this action shot of Eric Young Jr.  It reminds me of how cool the 360 degree shots were in the Matrix and how quickly they were overused by every other action film that came out shortly thereafter.  It actually looks like he dropped the Happy Panda or whatever Sandoval’s nickname is with a kick to the head.  I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in Major League Baseball.

Have I written enough about the greatness of Joey Votto?  I don’t think that’s possible, but I don’t want to be too predictable.  Instead I will long for the day when Topps sold these by the blaster so I could reasonable put together this set together since it looks so awesome once again.  Instead, I now ignore Topps base set blasters altogether because of the way they mix them up.  Way to shoot yourselves in the foot, Topps.

Remember when Mark Wohlers was placed on the DL by the Braves for “inability to pitch?”  It feels like the same thing for Aroldis here, even though the Reds listed him with left shoulder inflammation.  In his last inning and a third of work, Chappy’s allowed 10 ER and 12 walks.  That’s a 10.50 WHIP and a 67.50 ERA if my math is correct.  Not too good.

It’s clear he needs some time off to work on his mechanics, and 15 days plus a little AAA rehab should be the right amount for him to return to 105 MPH form.  Or so I hope.

So while I continue to mull what I will collect in the future, please keep hitting up my wantlists and sending me those Reds.  I’ll try and send you something nice in return.




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