A Blaster of Bowman and the Hoopla of Harper

20 05 2011

I haven’t been back to the store yet to see if there’s still Bowman about.  I’m guessing that there is, though, as Harper Hype seems a little less exciting that Strasmas was.  Purpley shiny Stephen’s were routinely selling for over $100 during the hype, while Harper’s refractor seems to be hanging in the $80 range.  It’d still be a four fold return on your blaster investment, so I could be wrong.  But I don’t think the more casual collectors are going to be Bowman hunting like others were.

By now, even though rack packs seemed to have the best odds, at this point your best bet may be a blaster.  Purple refractor “Hot Packs” are littering the eBay, which means that the nations supply of see through wrapped Bowman cards have probably been stripped of most goodies.  If there’s no pack searchers in your area, then you are one of the few that can enjoy the thrill of unsearched cards.  The rest of you, I’d say blasters or nothing.

And I know this sounds crazy, but I’m actually thinking about chasing a Bowman, Prospects, and Chrome prosects set.  You’ll notice my wantlists include some inquires on the Gypsy Queen, Heritage, and Bowman fronts.  If I think I can do it, I will.

So how’d my blaster turn out?  Did I hit the Harper jackpot?

There’s mine.  Part of the Topps 100 insert set, which again looks pretty sweet.  And the Harper pose is pretty badass for an eighteen-year old kid.  I’m honestly surprised he’s shown no signs of struggling so far this year, but I think it wise for the Nationals to keep him in the minors for the season.  Next year’s debut will probably drive Harper Hoopla even higher, so unless you spent a crapton on Bowman this year and need the money back, you may want to hold off on the quick flip, especially as the market is super saturated right now.  Of course, he could suffer injury and the balloon would pop, but you can’t plan for that.  Right Strasburg investors?

Here’s my purple shiny from the box, the appropriately named Jack Shuck, as in “I got Jack?  Aw, Shuck(s).”  He’s a light hitter who either lacks speed or base running acumen so far, and could be a good fourth or fifth outfielder in his heyday, which isn’t the stuff of baseball card dreams.  Still, purple shiny never gets old.

This was quite a surprise.  After pulling the Wheeler auto in two random packs, I added this guy’s ‘graph to my collection now, too.  If I sold the two autos and the Harper, I’d be pretty close to getting my money back.  Choice was the tenth pick in the 2010 draft, he’s currently slugging .483 in A+ ball and has thrown in a few steals to boot.  Improve his average, and he’s got the chance to be a star in another few years.  Then again, he’s been compared to Adam Dunn, so he may maintain his .260 throughout his minor league career, too.  One of the fun aspects of Bowman, I guess, is not knowing what you’ve got.

Hey, I’ve heard of this guy!  Wait, that’s his brother, Mat? Oh.  Never mind.

Ah, there we go.  This guy I’ve heard of.  In September of 2010, Baseball America named this guy the top prospect in the Appalachian League (that’s Rookie ball), and this year he as struggled to retain that form in his promotion to A ball.  Most consider him a top ten prospect in the Braves organization, most likely behind eight or nine or pitchers.  Not a hot seller, but one to keep an eye on for the time being.  And he’s Chrome-y, which is always nice.

John Sickles of Minor League Ball says this guy could be a top ten pitcher by the end of the year.  Ranked the 70th best prospect by Baseball America, he’s currently getting used to A+ ball.  That means in another four years or so I’ll know if this was a good pull.  I believe that I pulled his Chrome, too.  In fact, for almost ever prospect I pulled, I have his Chrome equivalent.  An oddity of the blaster, I suppose.

I’ll end on a little bit of a down note, though by saying Ryan Braun should be nowhere near the Bowman insert sets.  He’s already a star in the MLB, and since Bowman is more about those trying to achieve that stardom, I think Braun is a bad choice.  I was kinda unimpressed by the Finest Futures inserts as a whole, but this is already his fifth season in the majors.  Give his spot to someone else.

As I said, surprisingly fun break, and I didn’t find myself missing the lack of Harper’s at all (that Topps 100 insert came in the last pack).  Now it’s off to run errands and, time permitting, a bit more retail store recon.  I need to see if my hunch about it still being there is correct.




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