A Bowman Blaster live break

21 05 2011

Alright folks, here it comes.  Kids are in bed.  Everything’s quiet.  It’s about time to rip this open.

First, though, my hunch about Bowman was half correct.  One store, the first store I hit up, actually, had four blasters left (meaning only one other one had been bought) and most of the loose packs were still there.  All the rack packs, which I mentioned seemed to be the way to go, were gone.  A second store had rack packs, but had been picked clean of retail packs.  It had one blaster tucked behind some other boxes, seemingly placed there on purpose for latter purchase.

Something told be not to get it, but I found myself walking to the cashier and swiping my card at the appropriate time.  Was my ill foreboding justified?  Or will this box produce something that will surprise us all?

Let’s find out…

Pack 1

BP95 – Addison Reed
BP90 – Adron Chambers
30 – Mark Teixeira
105 – Will Venable
156 – Pedro Alvarez
116 – Robinson Cano Green Parallel 353/450
TP8 – Reymond Fuentes Topps 100
BCP30 – Michael Spina

BCP93 – Brandon Belt
155 Troy Tulowitzki Gold parallel
Retail Checklist 3 of 4

I think Brandon Belt would be one of the bigger cards this year if it weren’t for that Harper guy.  I recall him being sent back down to AAA after struggling out of spring training, but everything I had read to start the season was pretty high on him.  I’m sure he’ll be back.   And I realized my commentary will be severely limited by my lack of prospect knowledge.  I still need Retail Checklist #2 for my set.

Pack 2

BP41 – Ty Morrison
BP55 – David Rubenstein
70 – J.P. Arencibia
61 – CC Sabathia
150 – Michael Cuddyer
170 – Alex Rodriguez

BBR1 – Bryce Harper Bowman’s Brightest
BCP72 – Avisail Garcia
BCP4 – Nate Freeman
5 – Ryan Dempster Gold Parallel

I told my wife anything with Bryce Harper’s name on it would be good.  So she obliges with a Bowman’s Brightest.  Nice work.

David Rubenstein does not sound like a baseball prospects name.  Arencibia would be more hyped if he didn’t play for the Blue Jays.  Are the Twins done this year?  Is Alex Rodriguez having another off year, or is this his new norm.  So many questions from just one pack.

Pack 3

BP27 – Amaury Rivas (that’s a dupe, I believe)
BP18 – Tyler Bortnick
119 – David Ortiz
48 – Justin Verlander
155 – Troy Tulowitzki
145 – Derek Jeter

TP71 – Alex White Topps 100
BCP21 – Jose Pirela
BB13 – Alex Rodriguez
69 – B.J. Upton Gold Parallel

I’m beginning to think I got the Yankee box. Alex White pitched well against the Reds tonight and it seemed to be a pitcher’s duel until he injured his middle finger throwing a slider. Then he walked two batter, hit another, and was the victim of shaky defense. Travis Wood, meanwhile, through five innings of no hit ball before he lost control and gave up four runs while keeping his WHIP under 1.00. Quite an oddity if you ask me.

Pack 4

BP45 – Brandon Guyer
BP52 – Ronnie Welty
8 – Ted Lilly
81 – Alex Rios
178 – Elvis Andrus
195 – Jeremy Jeffress
FF5 – Mike Stanton Finest Futures
BCP67 – Dan Klein
BCP59 – Ronald Bermudez
156 – Pedro Alvarez Gold Parallel

Brandon is a Guy-er whose name I’ve heard before. I believe he was Cubs Minor League of the Year last year, which may not be that great of a feat since it’s the Cubs and all. Guyer was called up recently by the Rays and I have no idea if he’s still up or not. The shine has worn off Sam Fuld, though, so they need to do something.

Pack 5

BP108 – Carlos Perez

BP32 – Albert Cartwright
88 – Aaron Hill
16 – Jeff Niemann
138 – Koji Uehara
211 – Gregory Infante
TC16 – Kevin Malloux Topps of the Class
BCP39 – Aaron Baker
BCP102 – Eric Thames
78 – Mike Stanton Gold Parallel

Since the only comment so far was someone looking for Astros, there’s Albert Cartwright. I believe, my Astro living friend, that it is a duplicate, too, since I remember reading that he’s trying to become the sixth native of the Bahamas to make the major leagues. Unless Topps drops that tidbit on all players who happen to be natives of the Bahamas. It’s going to be a long, slow recovery process in Houston, and that’s only if the new owner actually spends a little bit on the team. Good luck to you and your team, Trey.

Pack 6

BP9 – Carlos Testa
BP4 – Nate Freiman
56 – Neil Walker
123 – John Danks
133 – Jose Tabata

205 – Freddie Freeman
122 – Matt Holliday International
BCP76 – Tyson Auer
BCP5 – Tyler Moore
43 – Derek Lowe

Tabata’s card looks good with him in the old style white, but I like the Freeman, too. Freddie’s seemed to fall victim to the SI curse, but has had the voodoo exorcised and is slowly coming around. I’m pretty sure folks thought he’d have more than four home runs by now, though. If he ever fully “arrives” this year, the Braves will be trouble in the NL East, even more so then they already are. After my third Internation parallel, let me say I am fully on board with them. Even if it is Matt Holliday. And finally, if you have a last name of Moore, you shouldn’t name your son Tyler. It’s not clever, and probably not much fun for him. Though I guess most kids today aren’t up on their 70’s sitcoms, are they?

Pack 7

BP67 – Dan Klein
BP59 – Ronald Bermudez (apparently these guys go everywhere together, see Pack 4)
53 – David DeJesus
113 – Billy Butler
189 – Victor Martinez

175 – Ryan Braun
TP78 – Tyler Matzek Topps 100
BCP68 – Sean Ratliff
BCP60 – Jarek Cunningham
142 – Todd Helton Gold Parallel
Checklist 4 of 4

Quite a few nice looking cards in this one, but I went with the Braun as the best. He’s stolen three bases this week so far, which I know because he’s on my fantasy opponent’s team. If it weren’t for him, I’d be leading that one. Matzek is a prospect who’s name I know, and it makes me think there’s an inordinate amount of prospects name Tyler out there.

Bonus Pack!

BP81 – Blake Forsythe
BP72 – Avisail Garcia
67 – Kosuke Fukudome
66 – Andre Either
142 – Todd Helton
216 – Brent Sinkbeil
FF17 – J.P. Arencibia
BCP84 – Matt Hague

BCP13 – Alex Castellanos
145 – Derek Jeter Gold Parallel

Why Alex? Why not. I like the look of it is all. And the back tells me he likes dancing and riding wave runners. Ladies?

Looks like I should have listened to my gut and left this one behind. My only hope now is that some of the reoccurring names are doing so because I have both the regular and the chrome version of their card. Duplicates this early would be a real turn off.

Will I buy more Bowman? Probably not any time soon. By the time I’m ready they may be gone, and I’m okay with that for now. We’ll see what happens in the next two weeks.




One response

21 05 2011

Not a horrible break, at least you got a Harper out of it. As to the Astros having a long hard road, that’s very true. We need a few years to build a farm system and get back to basics before we have any shot. That’s life I guess.

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