Volquez trouble

22 05 2011

Edison, when will the lights go on?  When will you figure out how to pitch out of the first inning without giving up a run or four?  When will you harness that skill you call pitching and become the quality starter we know you can be.

On the plus side, Jay Bruce has been en fuego since I posted his card and is now 2nd in the league in HR’s, 5th in the majors.   Maybe this card of Volquez will help do some good, although Dusty said the Reds are “mulling over” his place in the rotation.  He can’t go to the pen, because his first inning is usually his worst.  That leaves AAA and some work with Ted Power.  That seemed to help Bailey and Cueto, and Edison still has an option left.  He could also need to visit the DL. Inability to pitch sounds fitting here, too.

Edison’s response after the game?  He said the offense needs to score some runs.  Even if the Indians didn’t bat again after Volquez got pulled, the Reds would have lost 7-4.  And Edison came out in the third inning.

Maybe Sam can be LeCure.




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