My unhealthy Bowman obsession continues

3 06 2011

Even though the money I had earmarked for cards has gone into allowing me to stand upright and walk with little pain once again (man, I feel so old typing that), I still found enough change in the couch to buy one of those Bowman three packs with the retail exclusive purple parallels. Because if there’s one thing the hobby needs more of, it’s more parallels.

Really I bought it because I wanted something Bowman, and this was all that was left. Since I’ve decided to work on the set, and I’m still short the Harper and the Chrome Harper that goes in slot BP1 and BCP1, respectively, I was hoping that the three pack would be a quick and easy fix.  No such luck.  Instead, the purple Sappelt is the best I could do.

Sappelt was on fire before an oblique injury, with an OPS over 1.000 in AAA Louisville. He also hit his way into the Reds OF conversation this past spring, but lack of spots on the forty man roster probably kept him down on the farm for another season. Unless they DFA Gomes.

I’ll be posting my wantlist for this thing in the next few days, after I finish working out the details on a trade that started in the world of hockey. I may be closer to the end of this one than I think.  And if anyone needs some of the purple non-chrome parallels, I’ve got a Mariner and a Pirate I can throw your way.




One response

7 06 2011

Let me know when you have a wantlist and check out mine if you have time. I’d love to get closer to finishing my set.

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