Reverse jinx, Cubs edition

6 06 2011

I can’t believe it’s come to this, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Matt Garza was pretty darn good before landing on the DL about fifteen days ago. He had some elbow problems after his last showdown with the Reds when he went six innings and gave up only three unearned runs in a losing effort.  Now he’s back and looking for revenge – or at least better defense.

The Reds win, and they stay above .500 for at least two more days.  Sweep the series, and it’s a respectable 6-3 homestand.   No one would complain about that, but first they have to win game one.  That starts by beating Matt Garza.

No Mike Leake cards here, though.  He’s been doing alright for the Reds in his last few starts, so I’m holding off.  But I’ll have something in reserve just in case.

And yes, that’s another Bowman card.  The Dog Faced Gremlin sent me a goodie filled package including a large part of my 2011 Bowman needs.  So many that once they are sorted out, I’ll be posting my wantlists here on this very blog.  So if you aren’t sure what to do with all your 2011 Bowman non-Harpers, why not stop by later on when it should be all worked out?




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