Nostaligic for Edinson

7 06 2011

Tonight Edinson Volquez returns to the rotation after two starts in AAA.  The outcome may have been less than stellar, but the Reds say he’s ready.  I thin by ready they mean that they really have no other choice.

So, to bring him luck, here’s a card from a happier time, 2008 Upper Deck Timelines.  Reds fans may recall that 2008  was the year Volquez went 17-6 with a 3.21 ERA.  It was the year Volquez went to an All-Star game.  And it was the year before Volquez was claimed by Tommy John.

Meanwhile, Timeline continues to be a set that I think about collecting over and over until the logistics of the thing comes to mind.   If I could just figure out a reasonable way to chase a set that has 285 short prints, I’d be all in.  Hobby boxes to me are still overpriced at $40 (thanks, Strasburg) since you end up with a crapload of  cards 1-100, a handful of the SPs, and autographs of Brandon Boggs and Clay Timpner.  There’s a reason these were selling for much cheaper not long ago.  I just missed the boat.

Looking back, there’s actually a number of sets from 2008 that I wich I’d collected more of.  I’m wondering how much of it is the sets themselves and how much is the rookie card triumvirate of  Votto, Bruce, and Cueto that was featured that year.  But since my return to the hobby in 2007, ’08 is the only season I’d love to go back to and collect more of.  Almost as much as I’d love to see Edinson Volquez return to form.

Anyone else out there nostalgic for a year they wish they’d collected more from?




2 responses

8 06 2011

1993. I wish I’d bought up a whole bunch of Finest and SP 🙂

8 06 2011



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