A Bench, a Bruce, and a Barry arrive in the mail…

8 06 2011

I stayed away from 2009 Goodwin Champions.  I had a feeling that if I got my hands on some of them, I’d want to collect the set.  At the time, that seemed like a bad idea, so I left all the blasters and loose packs alone.  Then a pack of the stuff fell out of a Fairfield Repack package I received for Christmas.  You might recall it as the one with Surfer-jo! inside.  Shortly after I opened the pack, I checked the prices of a box.  Too steep for me.

I was pretty happy then when reader Gary, in exchange for some Topps Heritage Tigers I had posted here earlier, sent me a few more of the Goodwins for my collection.

Greatest catcher of all time?  Wait, that’s a poor choice of punctuation.  That should read “Greatest catcher of all time.”  Period.

Johnny looks a little forlorn here.  It’s possible that he, too, is disappointed by the turn of events so far in Cincinnati.  Hopefully they can sweep the Cubs this morning before taking off on one of those hated west coast road trips, then back to Ohio to play the Blue Jays and the Yankees.  Things aren’t going to get easier, that’s for sure.

The best part of this card, though, is Mr. Red running all over Ohio.

I’m hesitant to post this one, though.  Jay Bruce has been on fire since I posted his last card, and I’m hoping this one won’t cause him to cool off.  Maybe instead it will give him another bump.  A big day against Ryan Dempster sure would make me feel better.

Oh, Chappie.  Chappie, Chappie, Chappie.  Aroldis was sent down to AA to work more on his mechanics, and he made his debut last night.  He pitched 2/3 of an inning and gave up three hits, a walk, and three runs.  His AA ERA stands at 40.50, which isn’t an encouraging sign for a guy that supposedly only needed two more outings to put it together.  Guess it will take a little longer than they thought.

My scanner liked this shiny.  I’m second guessing my decision to chase this parallel set in light of my new decision to chase Heritage, GQ, Series 1 and 2, and  Bowman.  Still won’t turn down more Reds, though.

For a while, I thought this was my first 1995 Topps card.  Instead, it’s just a 60YOT reprint that I can use for my set.  Looks like Barry missed a bunt there.

It was a nice little haul for a handful of Tigers that I didn’t need at the time.



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