Then there were two, 1981 Topps edition

10 06 2011

Apparently a lot of my sets end up needing Steve Carlton near the end.  His all-star card was one of the last few cards I needed for my ’83 Topps set.  His superstar special card was a recent acquisition for my ’84 Fleer set needs.  And with this card here, I’m now just a Morgan and a Landreaux away from completing the ’81 Topps release.

This one came courtesy of Bo at Baseball Cards Come To Life and I’m happy to mark Lefty off yet another list because of him.  There was a Morgan included too, but he got damaged in the mail, so Joe remains on the wantlist for a little while longer.

Bo actually has one of the more original blogs about baseball cards on the ‘nets, interviewing former baseball players about their cardboard memories.  He’s also featuring a card for every player he has in his collection, an endeavor that will end in 2026.  Unless he gets more cards.  Then it could go on forever.

So thanks goes to Bo for the Lefty.  Now anyone have a Morgan or Landreaux?



2 responses

12 06 2011

I’m sure I’ve got multiples of those two cards (probably Landreaux’s last as a Twin?). If you give me the numbers, I can get them out… fair warning: they’re probably only Ex-Mt or so!

13 06 2011

Number 219 and 560. I’ve already got them in EX-Mt, so I really am looking for upgrades at this point.

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