My first pack of 2011 Topps Series 2

11 06 2011

Went to Target yesterday on the news that Topps series 2 was out, and it was.  Even more amazing was the massive amounts of series 1 that still lined the shelves.  I didn’t look that closely, but I didn’t notice any other releases from this year anywhere – no GQ, no Bowman…  Just Topps series 1, and tons of it.

I grabbed the only blaster of series 2 that I saw, debated about buying the 72 card value box instead, and then started leafing through the rack packs.  I pulled down the first one I found with a Red showing through, and then put it back, realizing I didn’t have the money to spend quite yet.  I paid for the blaster and then as I was walking out the door realized how stupid I was to buy it.  I had totally forgotten about the 2 packs of throwback parallels.  Maybe I can recoup some cost by putting them on eBay.

Anyway, here’s the first pack from the blaster.  I borrowed this concept from…  somewhere.  Thorzul, maybe?  Here goes.

First card:

In the next few days, the Indians will become the second place team in the AL Central.  By the end of the season, fourth.  I’m surprised they kept it up for as long as they did, and people will casually reference it as the season ends.

First card of a baseball player married to a former suitcase girl on Deal or no Deal:

I know no one cares, but I was offered Roberts in my fantasy keeper league at the beginning of the season.  Right before I rejected it, I thought, ‘How many games until he’s on the DL?  Ten?  Fifteen?’  The correct answer was forty.

First card celebrating a streak that may end this season:

This checklist celebrates Ichiro’s ten straight 200 hit seasons.  This year, if I’ve done the math right, he’ll end up in the 160-170 range.  There’s still time for him to turn in an Ichiro like second half, though.

First card of a DL’er that occasionally plays baseball:

He’s played almost two full season’s worth of games over his last four seasons.  And earned forty million dollars doing it.

First gold parallel:

I’m sorry, I know next to nothing about the Mets.

First shiny:

After three solid starts, I figured Joe had found his groove, so I gave him a shot against the Marlins on the ole fantasy team.  Whoops.

First guy swinging a bat in a place he shouldn’t:

Despite the awkwardness of it, I really like this card.

First card featuring multiple bats:

I just realized I hit three middle infielders that are currently on the DL.  What are the odds of that one?  This is probably my second favorite of the bunch.

So there you go.  I’m not sure if it’s me or not, but these pictures seem much better than Series 1.  I’m looking forward to opening more.



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