Catching up, one trade at a time

13 06 2011

So it’s time for me to try to play catch up once again.

A flurry of trades has left me with stacks on stacks of cards on my scanner.  There’s so many cards there, the lid creaks from the weight.  It takes me three minutes to clear the cards off to use the darn thing.  And I keep trading for more.  On top of that, there’s more to feature in the birthday box from my brother, a few eBay wins to feature with two more wins on the way, and a blaster box to sort through, too.    It feels like I’ll never catch up.

But the journey starts with a single step, so here’s the first group of cards which I received from…  someone.  I’ve been wracking my brain and scouring emails trying to recall who sent me these cards, but I still can’t figure it out who you are.  So thank you, mystery trader.  I hope I sent you something good as well.

This Vintage Legends set remains one of my favorites from the last few years.  It feels like I should have more of these by now, but I’m still about 1/4 of the set away from completion.  I envy folks like Nachos who can complete a set in a manner of months.   My new active trading lifestyle sure has helped, though.

This Jackson is actually another example of a bad Vintage Legends card.  To be fair, Reggie’s not one of my favorite players and he’s wearing those ugly pinstripes to boot.  This card just looks like a fake to me, which I guess makes sense because in a way it is.  So while I’m happy to have it, I’m twice as happy to have it finally filed away.

Here’s Buster Posey back when he still had both legs (too soon?).  I didn’t really way in on the debate of catchers blocking the plate because it seemed to silly to me and a touch over reactive.  I think the only thing you can do is teach catchers how to better block the plate without getting hurt.  Posey’s positioning on that play wasn’t very good, and trying to stop two hundred pounds with your ankle is never a good idea.  But that’s what Posey was trying to do with where he was set up.

You aren’t going to be able to change the way players run down the third base line, so the only thing left is to prepare the catchers.  Changing the rules to protect them just will not work.

Finally, there were a couple of the History of the Game cards.  On this one, I learned that President Taft was the first president to throw a ceremonial first pitch, starting a long and distinguished tradition that continued until 1976 and the Jimmy Carter era.  Guess there was a real crisis of confidence on his ability to get the ball over the plate.  Ronald Reagan restarted the tradition once more.

For some reason this card reminded me of Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth from Monty Python, which somehow led me to this.  Kids, I know it’s summer, but take a few minutes to learn about the 27th President of the United States, William Howard Taft.

The thing about the bathtub?  Heard it twice yesterday from two random sources.  Totally bizarre.

And so begins the catching up.




One response

13 06 2011
Collective Troll

Good luck catching up!!!
I think we are all jealous of Nachos and his organizational skills and what not…
and you cant sneak nothing past william howard taft!!!!

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