The night shift

14 06 2011

Three weeks ago, I returned to the night shift.  It’s the first time I’ve worked nights since last year.  At that time, Beardy was also working nights and we would occasionally chat online about the hobby and other things.  It was about that time that I realized I was getting burned out and that card collecting would have to take a back seat to real life.  So this time around, I’m staying away from Beardy altogether.

While the new shift can certainly be a strain on the family, the body, sleep habits, and just about everything else, really.  Trading becomes more of a challenge because there’s no time to pull cards.  Blogging is a challenge because there’s no time to really plan out posts.  The rule of threes suggests I have one more item here, but I’m drawing a blank.

There is one benefit that I’ve found when it comes to the hobby, however, and that’s eBay.  There aren’t a lot of folks up after midnight trying to win auctions, so I get the last chance on a lot of things.  Couple this with an eBay gift certificate, and it’s $25 worth of heaven.

Like this card.  This one was a whim, really, and now that I have it I’m not sure it was the right move to make.  But it is awfully shiny, and it is Joey Votto.  Without checking, this becomes my first Finest card ever and my first Finest Refractor ever.  It is, by default, the finest Finest Refractor I own.

Nine Kimball minis for a dollar shipped? Okay.  I didn’t even check the numbers, figuring I could trade them off to others for cards I’d actually need if it came down to it.  Seven of the nine fit nicely in my set.  The other two have already been traded away.  All according to plan.

Finally today, this baby arrived:

Okay, not this one exactly.  This is one that I won about a month and a half ago.  It was listed as NrMt-Mt, which according to that seller means having two creases and three slightly rounded corners.  I missed the part about the no return policy, so I was stuck with it.

After that, I thought about doing one of those nebulous nines or escaping-my-grasp eights that some other blogs do (and I may do it still), making this card the first on that list.  Instead, thanks to a late night auction, I now own this card in a graded version that meets my needs.

Tonight the cupboard was bare, but last night I picked up another lot that I’ll show off when it arrives.  Sadly my Ebay gift card in almost bare as well.  I’ve only got a few bucks left in my account, and I’ve got my eye on one card in particular once it reappears.  Until then, I’ll be up all night and watching for another good deal.




5 responses

14 06 2011

I worked night for about 5 years. I loved it. I always seemed to have tons of time. But I only sleep about 4 hours a night.

“It is, by default, the finest Finest Refractor I own” – Nice play on words!!!

14 06 2011
night owl

This night owl finds that the day time is the right time for pulling cards for trades. Also, I blog right after work.

My sleep is not affected, except on Tuesday mornings when the garbage trucks feel the need to make an excessive racket.

14 06 2011

Even if there’s a no return policy you should still have had e-Bay buyer protection, right?

15 06 2011
Mike Von Krusze

You picked up some nice cards on e-bay! I too work overnight 5 days a week. For many years. Sleep is over rated. I find a lot of time to do my trades and e-bay time on my days off while I’m awake at 3a.m. I’ve got those 69-70,70-71 hockey cards I told you about ready to ship this week. Don’t stray to far from your mail box next week. Happy fathers day to you!

18 06 2011

No more overnights for me, but I certainly can relate. Oddly enough, I’m just beginning to crawl out of my hobby funk, and getting back to posting regularly. No need to worry about me ruining your late night hobby juju.

eBay rules after 2am ET, but the pickins are sometimes slim, which is understandable. I remember picking up a hobby box of Finest for like $45 on eBay. The auction ended at like 4am or something crazy.

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