Back to the flock

18 06 2011

I was posting about some sets that no one else seemed to be collecting out in the blogging world.  It was somewhat tongue in cheek, of course.  Obviously we all have different needs, and there are a number of people chasing sets that I would never dream of.  My main hope was that I would find a kindred spirit who had similar cards on their wantlist so we could help each other out.  Smed, the next time I get some free time, I’ll be taking a look for you.

In the meantime, in an effort to feel more like my fellow bloggers, here’s some cards from a set that almost everyone’s casing, 2011 Topps.  I’m astounded that some folks have already come close to the end of theirs series 2 wants, but then again all I’ve had the money for is a blasters worth of the stuff.  In the mean time, I’ll keep plugging away at series 1.  All these are another part of the birthday box from my brother, by the way.

Let me say that I absolutely love this card, mostly for the muscles in his neck and the dark blue of the jersey.  Right now the NL Central is actually a four team race, with Rickie and the Brewers currently in the lead.  Rickie better run faster, though, because while the Cardinals have lost seven straight and seem to be faltering, the Reds have remembered how to win and now sit just two games back.  Meanwhile, the surprise of the NL central, the Pittsburgh Pirates are just three games back.  I know.  I couldn’t believe it either.

While of course I’m pulling for the Reds to come out on top, I’d be alright with the Brewers being the winners if the Reds can’t pull it off.  It would be a little embarrassing to come in second to the Pirates, so they’d end up being my third choice.  After that, I’d hope for an Astros miracle, while the Cubs and the Cardinals would make me openly weep.

The question now for the Reds is what role this guy will play in the playoff run.  The front office seems content in running out the three-headed monster of Jonny Gomes, Fred Lewis, and Chris Heisey for the foreseeable future, so it’s doubtful he’s called up anytime soon.  He’s a high-ranking prospect on most expert’s lists, making him a blue chip trade prospect, so perhaps he’s moved by season’s end for that future ace or SS upgrade the Reds seem to need.  Or he’ll just continue to hit in Louisville and led them to the Governor’s Cup.  I guess as a fan, there’s a lot of thinking that things need to happen right now, whereas baseball really is a season long affair.

Speaking of trade deadline deals, did you know that Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada were almost traded to the Reds for David Wells?  Then GM Jim Bowden decided they would cost too much, and instead sent Wells to the Baltimore Orioles for one Curtis Goodwin.  Further proof that Jim Bowden was an awful GM.  And did you also know that Mariano Rivera was in the original Kimball set?

Okay, not really.  My love for the Kimball minis has waned a bit, but I do love the cartoons at the bottom of the cards.  You’ll see the one pictured here again in a later post, I believe.  The best images are the action shots with the baseball present, but I didn’t get one of these in the package.  So instead I went with a Mariano Rivera is old joke.

When I realized I had about half of these, I figured why not chase the set?  When I actually get cards for the set, it makes me wonder why I made that decision.  It’s a dumb idea, and a boring set.  I’m not going to flog a dead horse at this point, as most people have the same gripes with this one.  I’ll try not to feature another one of these until the Joy of a Completed Set is felt.  And don’t take that as a threat.  I really want to get this done.

Finally, Orlando Cepeda.  I still really like a majority of these Topps 60 cards I see, especially of the retired players like Cepeda.  He’s in the set because in 1961 he led the National League in RBIs.  He also led the league in home runs and ended up 2nd in MVP voting  to Frank Robinson of the first place Reds.  See, it always comes back to the Reds here, doesn’t it?

I believe these are the last of the baseball cards from the birthday box that I got from my brother, although there may be a relic or two I have yet to show.  Oh, and there was a bunch of hockey stuff, but that’s kind of taken a backseat to baseball since the financial belt started tightening.  I’ll get around to them sometime.  Right now, I just want to enjoy being back in the crowd.




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