Trust the cards

21 06 2011

It’s funny where cards can lead you.

Monday afternoon before I left for work I scanned a couple of cards I received from the DFG (who is not to be confused with Roald Dahl’s BFG, by the way).  It’s part of a somewhat massive haul of this year’s Bowman cards that he sent my way:

I had no idea what I was going to say about these.  It’s Logan Morrison and Hanley Ramirez caught at almost the same moment of their swing in what appears to be the same game.  Topps decided to feature both of them in the same set.  It tickled a part of my brain, so I figured I’d scan them and see what came up.

Hanley was in the news for being benched by his new manager Jack McKeon on Jack’s first day back in charge of the failing Marlins.  Not only was Hanley late for McKeon’s first meeting with the team, but Jack didn’t like the way Hanley ran on the base paths on Sunday.  This came after Hanley said that Jack would get everyone on the Marlins to play harder.  We’ll see how it affects the struggling shortstop on Tuesday.

Logan Morrison, however, I knew nothing about.   Turns out he’s a bright spot for the Marlins this year in a season that has the team thirteen games out of first and losers of eleven straight.  That streak, by the way, is the reason that Jack is back in charge,  as Morrison revealed that former manager Edwin Rodriguez told the team if they lost a certain amount of games in a row he would resign.  That number appears to have been ten.

While searching for more about Logan Morrison, I found his twitter account.  His feed is probably not safe for work due to some profanity.  Recently he’s been asked by the Marlins management to tone things down a bit.  After a long night of work, I often want nothing more than a good laugh, and this, while juvenile, was perfect.   To quote the great Homer Simpson, “It works on so many levels.”

Finally, as I curled up in bed, I was led again by Morrison’s twitter feed to this.  It’s definitely not safe for work and will offend if you don’t care for profanity.  If strong language doesn’t bother you but that link’s been pulled due to copyright, just Google “Samuel L Jackson Go to Sleep.”  I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere, and you’ll laugh out loud.

So thanks DFG, for sending two cards that were little more than marks on my list, but turned into a humorous ending to my night.

Now it’s time for me to sleep.




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