What’s behind this?

22 06 2011

One of the things I’ve been doing on the night shift is tracking the prices of some boxes I’ve been thinking about buying.  Here’s the prices from June 14th from Blowout Cards…
Bowman Hobby – 72.95
Bowman Jumbo – 160.99
Gypsy Queen – 156.99
Topps Heritage 79.99

… and from this morning:

Bowman Hobby – 89.99
Bowman Jumbo – 192.99
Gypsy Queen – 174.90
Topps Heritage 76.95

So, what the heck, man?  The Bowman prices shot up about 20%, and the GQ went up close to 15%.  Meanwhile, Heritage actually fell a few bucks, and most of the other releases I’m tracking stayed static, so it wasn’t a hobby wide bump.  Was there suddenly that much of an interest in releases that are a month or two old?  Is it that the retail well has gone dry for these releases?

Anyone have any ideas?




2 responses

22 06 2011

The Bowman, I can kind of understand, Harper-mania still seems to be going strong and there’s no Bowman to be found on the retail shelves in my area. GQ, on the other hand, is still available at Target here, and I’ve done pretty well with retail for it. Managed to pull 2 autos in 4 loose packs yesterday.

23 06 2011
Captain Canuck

popular products go up…. dog products they’re sitting on too much of go down.

guys like DA and Blowout etc… can influence and change the market. Creating false values etc…. and can kill values too by dumping.

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