Why not some Bowman Reds?

28 06 2011

I’m realizing now that it’s been almost a week since I posted last. There’s been, as is typical when a blog goes dark for any period of time, a lot going on.  Because of this, I haven’t had a chance to scan anything new, including cards from a number of trades that I’ve completed, my first forays into Topps series 2, and some more eBay wins.

One thing I do have in my already scanned folder is a quartet of Reds from this years Bowman, which seems to have burned out rather quickly in the blogging world.

Phillips is on fire right now, with six multi-hit games during his seven game hitting streak.  While he probably would have my vote for the All Star game, I wouldn’t be upset with you if you were voting Rickie Weeks, either.  BP has now fallen into second place in the voting, so if you want to change that, go vote now.

Luke Scott hit the first home run off Aroldis Chapman the other day, but outside of that Chappy appears to be back.  In his first two innings since his return from the DL, he’s struck out five of the eight batters he’s faced.  I’m still not sold on his return, though, since he told John Fay of the Cincinnati Inquirer that it was “nothing with [his] mechanics” and that nothing was changed.  The Reds really need him to round into form soon.

Matt Klinker was the Reds 15th round pick in the 2007 draft.  Four years later he’s on his first Bowman card.  It’s safe to say he’s struggling in AAA, posting a 6.33 ERA in six appearances, but has shown improvement over his last three starts.  He’s also on the Twitter, which instantly endears a player to me.  Good luck, Matt.

Finally, a chromey Cody Puckett.  Man I love these things.

Puckett was an 8th round pick in the 2008 draft for the Reds, and is so far sporting a .247/.316/.456 line in AA Carolina.  And while a twitter account is endearing, if it’s not updated every once  in a while, it has the opposite effect.  Maybe Puckett’s taking the time instead to focus on his game.

I know it’s not glamorous, but it’s something.  I’ve realized this go round with the night shift that sleeping is more important than just about anything else during the day.  Unfortunately for you readers, that includes posting and scanning.  I’ll get to it eventually, though.  At the very least, I should be off nights by September.




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