Gypsies, Potch Wheeler, and Me

30 06 2011

I started writing a post light night about my trade with Potch Wheeler.  It was a simple kinda post since I remain limited on time.  Still am.  But something struck me as I started to write about Scott Rolen and his drop off in production from the start of last year:  He’s the same age as me.

Scott Rolen was born two weeks before I was.  And to his co-workers and fans, Scott Rolen is old.

I mentioned this fact to my wife in the morning, and she was more than kind.  She pointed out that while thirty-six was old for a ball player, it was still pretty young for the rest of the world.  I countered with the fact that while Rolen will probably retire at the end of next year, I’m still going to have to work.  That’s a different issue altogether.

But it kept nagging at me as I was typing out more and more last night about how closely the Reds record paralleled that of games that Scott Rolen started (it’s true, I swear).  Scott Rolen has kids and other players that look up to him.  Former teammates such as Travis Snider of the Blue Jays mention him as an example on how to do things. And he serves as a role model to his teammates and other budding third baseman all the way down to the little leagues.

And I am the same age as him.

I’m not sure where I’m going with all this.  I don’t want to sound wistful at what could have been, because I was pretty awful when it came to little league.  I’m not maudlin about the fact that people aren’t looking to emulate me and what I do.  But maybe I can be better just in case there’s someone who does.

I think I’ve made this sound more overwrought than it is.  But it is a little sobering that someone you’ve heard referred to as “old man” is the same age as you.  Even if you don’t feel it yourself.

So thanks, Potch, for a little bit of a look at myself.  And for help with my set.



2 responses

30 06 2011

You’re just a Little Shaver, no worries.

I went through all of that six years ago – at, yeah, about 36. Time for a mid-life crisis. (Well, I think I found it with this renewed card obsession of mine.)

1 07 2011
Mike Von Krusze

Scott I’m 56 so to me your still a kid. Your only as old as you feel. Don’t dwell on it!

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